Release Notes

Version 3.0.0 - Major Updates

Hi Vendor Sales Fans
We have good news for you in these sad days of the pandemic: we have updated this tiny beloved tool in many ways:
  • We’ve moved to Marketplace REST API v2, which brings the benefit of being able to store Hosting information (Cloud, DC, Server) Note: you’ll need to rebuild the whole transaction db to get Hosting for past transactions. Best is to remove the account and re-add it which will start downloading sales data from the very beginning.
  • We’ve introduced new aggregation types (By Expert and By Hosting)
  • We’ve introduced a new column in the detailed view. This is called Status and varies between “Expired”, “Expires soon” (in a month), “Active”. It is useful to use the brilliantly powerful Table Filter macro to add filters to the tables.
  • We’ve introduced a new permission level: a user group, whose members may view transaction details without pricing information. It is useful to analyse all detailes but keep confidential information hidden
  • We’ve added a new macro to validate SEN numbers. This is called the Vendor sales data browser macro. It is like a live search. Enter a SEN number or invoice number (AT-) or a company name to do dynamic searches in the transaction database. Pricing is hidden from unauthorized users.
  • We’ve improved security, vendor account passwords are now encrypted. (After the update, you’ll need to re-add vendor accounts)
  • We’ve increased transaction pulling frequency to from 15 to 5 minutes so that all your precious data may be fetched faster.
To use this version, you’ll need to remove and add again all vendor accounts. This will wipe all data and re-fetch it again from the Marketplace. This may take some time so be patient.
If you like these improvements or the app in general, please give it a rating or review on the Marketplace.
Thank you and stay safe!