Release Notes

Version 3.2.4 Jira 8.15 compatibility and improvements

  • New: Restrict Bulk Watch operation to a user group
  • Improved: Performance of Filter watching is improved by omitting redindexing of issues
  • Improved: Compatibility with Jira 8.15 and later versions
  • Improved: Make In-app notification icon use Jira Look & Feel colors
  • Fixed: Clone plus plugin (bob swift) errors out on issue watcher fields
  • Fixed: Broken avatar images in in-app notifications
  • Fixed: Statuses displayed twice in inapp notifications

Version 3.2.3 Jira 8.4.x compatibility

  • Jira 8.4.0 platform compatibility
  • Exclude Jira projects from Bug Watcher notifications
  • FIXED: Bulk watch on Jira 8 generates error

Version 3.2.2 Jira 8.0.0 / Service Desk 4.0.0 Compatibility and bugfixes

  • Changes to make the app compatible with the latest Jira version
  • Fixed: Inconsistent Filter Watch notifications
  • Fixed: Occasional ClassCastExceptions related to desktop notifications
  • FIXED: Eye icon did not appear in several Jira screens

Version 3.2.1 Automated cleanup of in-app notifications

  • Allow configuration of cleanup rules for in-app notifications
  • Optimized load of notifications

Version 3.2.0 Desktop Notificaitons

Version 3.1.9 Bugfixes and Jira 7.9 compatibility

  • Compatiblity with Jira 7.9 API
  • Adding Issue Security breaks watcher emails
  • Comment Security Level not checked in in-app notifications
  • Deleted projects cause errors in the logs
  • Issue with Icon
  • Error when deleting issue
  • Wrong link at manage addons - Get Started
  • Wrong link at Bug Watcher Plugin Configuration - license administration page

Version 3.1.3 - Bugfixes

  • Lucene index sometimes not updated when an issue is changed
  • Watches dashboard fails to open
  • Project watcher cannot be removed after adding them

Version 3.1.2 - Bugfixes

  • Comment notifications contain velocity markup
  • User Icons overlap names in Bug Watcher custom field dispay

Version 3.1.1 - Bugfixes

  • Error when clicking on users within the Issue Watcher Custom Field
  • Users cannot add a comma separated list of email addresses of Current Jira users
  • Comment notifications contain velocity markup
  • External Watchers are not affected by Notification Scheme

Version 3.1 - Watches Dashboard

  • Watches Dashboard

Versions 3.0.1-3.0.5 - Improvements and Bug fixes

  • polling performance improved
  • JIRA API velocity markup appearing in in-app notifications fixed
  • New configuration option to set the number of threads in the asynchrpnous event processing pool.
  • Configuration screen displays more statistical information on the event processor pool.

Version 3.0 - JIRA 7 Compatibility

  • Bug watcher made compatible with JIRA 7

Version 2.4 - Enable In-App Notifications in projects using existing Notification Schemes - Released 15/06/2015

It is now very easy to enable in-app notifications in projects replacing email notifications. Simply select an existing Notification Scheme for in-app notifications. You can combine email and in-app notifications within a project by selecting different notification schemes.
  • Notification Schemes for In-App notifications
Minor fixes.

Version 2.3 - Long awaited major new features - Released 02/06/2015

  • Indirect watches: get notifications on changes made to linked issues and subtasks
  • Notify users when they are added to watchers
  • Watch favorite filters additionally to your own filters
  • Purge in-app notifications manually from the Notifications page
  • Completely refreshed documentation with updated screenshots and use cases
  • 1500+ user votes are fulfilled