Personal Notification Schemes

Bug Watcher allows you to overrule the notification schemes associated with your JIRA projects. You can now specify on which events of your interest you want to get notification emails.
Example Use Case 1
Your project administrator configured the notification scheme of a JIRA project in a way that you as a watcher receive notifications for events Issue Created, Updated, Commented only.
In addition to this, you want to get emails on Issue Resolved and Issue Closed as well.
Instead of asking your project admin to add these two events to the notification scheme, you can set up your personal project notification scheme via the Watches project tab.
As a result, you will get notification on Issue Created, Updated, Commented, Resolved and Closed of the issues of the project.
Example Use Case 2
As a project administrator you want to allow your users to set their personal notification rules in your project.
Instead of tweaking the project notification scheme to match the whole set of different needs of you users, you:
  • configure a minimal Notification Scheme for the project only
  • tell your users to start watching the project or to create a filter specifying the issues they are interested in and to start watching the filter
  • tell you users to configure their own personal notification rules (ie events) in their Watches project tab
As a result, all users will be happy to have more control on the issues and events for which they get notifications.

How to do it?

Go to your Project. Choose Bug Watcher icon in the left sidebar and click on Watches.
Click on Configure your personal project notification scheme
Select the event types you want to get notified on.
Personal Project Notification schemes are available to you only if your administrator enables this feature for the JIRA project in the plugin configuration screen. See the configuration screen below.