💡Concept & Goals

Improve and schedule pipelines with custom input fields securely and flexibly.


While the app is available at the Atlassian Marketplace, it can be installed only from this install link. Since Forge on Bitbucket is so new (it just left EAP and became GA), it is impossible to install Bitbucket Forge apps directly from the Atlassian marketplace. It is Safe to install from here and will be available on Marketplace when Atlassian makes it possible. See more details at Installation.

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Goals & Purpose

Building apps within the Atlassian ecosystem usually involves tools like Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket.

In Confluence you can write documentation, in Jira you can manage issues and in Bitbucket you can manage your software's source code.

Bitbucket is great in terms of integration with other tools, but lacks some features as a CI tool.

Pipeline Forms (PFO) is created to improve the experience using Pipelines in Bitbucket.

Problems we solve

  • Lack of flexible customization of pipelines, especially in terms of custom input values

  • Huge bitbucket-pipelines.ymlsince pipelines need to be copy-pasted for different variations

  • Lack of dynamic field values (they have to be static or freetext)

  • Inability to overwrite default values while scheduling

  • Inability to edit and view scheduled pipelines

What we add

  • Forms - extend pipelines attributes with many supported field types and several attributes

    • select, remote, text, textarea, number, checkbox, checbox group, radio, date fields are made available

    • mandatory, secure, read-only, hidden, remote, regex fields can be created

    • remote fields can be pre-populeted through public API

    • with forms added, bitbucket-pipelines.ymlfile complexity can be reduced

  • Scheduled pipeline executions - run form-extended pipelines when needed

    • manage schedules, view, edit, inactivate, and delete them

  • Audit history - track changes and view execution history

  • Pretty UI where users can self-serve with well-configured pipelines

Getting started

🦋Features🎆How PFO works securely🚀Installation🧑‍🎤User Guide

Deep dive

📝Create Forms⏱️Schedule a Form🌟Showcase an example with every feature used in the form🔐Audit logs

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