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General Product Information

This is the documentation of the app Advanced Content Navigator for Confluence, formerly called Advanced Children Display for Confluence. The new name better relates to its main purpose: helping you navigate the content in Confluence.
Advanced Content Navigator for Confluence is the right tool for you if you have plenty of pages and spaces in Confluence, and want to navigate between them faster and more effectively.

Why You Should Use This App (Cloud version)

A few examples of the benefits of the brand new Cloud version of the app.
Never Miss an Update
Be More Productive
It's Easy as 1,2,3
Track changes and never miss an update of your pages. Get a quick overview of the content.
Navigate your content like a pro with essential details at hand and without having to open tons of pages to collect them.
Use the app hassle-free within seconds. Add it to any Confluence pages and navigate through your content, no configuration is needed.

Available Platforms and Differences

Advanced Content Navigator is available in two flavours: on-premise and cloud. There are significant differences between the platforms.