Release Notes

What's new for Advanced Content Navigator for Confluence

27 October 2023

Added - Preview page available from macro

Open a page preview from the macro, not only from the space page. Preview is a quick way to peek into a page, while not rendering all the images, macros, etc. To open a page in new tab, click on page title in the macro or the popup.
Preview pages from the macro

Added - Change parent for pages in space page

Page parents can be changed by drag'n dropping the page on a new parent.
Change parent page from space page

Added - Rename page action

Quickly rename a page from the macro or space page.
Rename a page inline

Added - Create child page action

Create a child page from the macro tree. So that you won't need to leave the page you working on.
Create child page from macro

Improved - Expand / Collapse on space root

Added the Expand / Collapse feature to the space root on the space page. Now you can open your whole page tree with a single click!

Improved - Modal improvements

When opening a modal from the content menu (...) on any page, it is now prettier, and easier to close!

3 October 2023

Announcement - New UI & many new features

In the last few weeks the team forged (
) a lot with the app, to improve performance, extend functionality and make it easier to use - based on your feedback (thanks for everyone who contributed)!
The 3 major things we changed in the new UI:
  • The complete UI is refreshed
  • The Unread changes feature can be triggered with a button, and marked with purple
  • Prettier loading animations added
The newUI

Added - Dark Theme support

Since Dark theme came out, and its popularity increasing, we added support for Dark theme! Just like that!
Support for Dark Theme

Added - Preview page

When browsing pages, why not peeking them VERY quickly? Our preview provide lighning fast solution to preview pages side-by-side on the Space page. With all the speed the lack of completeness is coming in pairs: some content like emoticons, macros, attachments are not loaded completely. If you need the full content, just open the page (and stop calling it a Preview)!
Preview a page really quickly

Added - Space analytics

On the Space page, new space level analytics has been added. It includes:
  • Page count, Attachment count
  • Number of Pages created
  • Top creators
Space analytics

Added - Tasks panel

Managing tasks in Confluence? Use the task panel to show tasks on the pages.
Tasks panel for every page

Added - Macro Title

Macro header can be added in the edit menu. To make your work meaningful.
Give a title for the macro

Improved - Better performance everywhere

The macro literally even more fast paced than before! Especially page tree and breadcrumbs.

Improved - Pages under whiteboards

Sadly, pages under whiteboards are not accessible in the tree for now, because of API issues. So we gathered these pages in a separated section under the tree. Who creates pages under whiteboards anyways?

4 September 2023

Announcement - Macro settings

Additional settings available for all ACNC macros. Macros can be edited in Edit page mode, by clicking on the edit button
Edit the macro

Announcement - Space page

ACNC can be opened from the space sidebar, where the root element will be the Space itself. No need to insert the macro, reach any time.
Open ACNC without inserting the macro

Announcement - Action menu, keyboard shortcut

ACNC can be opened from the action menu by pressing
top right, and select Advanced Children Display. This page can be opened on any page, without editing or inserting the macro, and content will root from current page.
Open ACNC from the action menu or with shortcut
ACNC in a modal can be opened not just from the Actions menu, but with the shortcut of Shift + ACNC (Hold shift + type acnc). At least we think it is funny

Added - Change content's root page

Macro's content location is configurable from the macro settings. Select Parent space & Parent page, to make your macro display any starting location for your data. Multiple macros can be inserted to a single page, to help you creating actually useful Dashboard! Macro location can also be shown.
Edit macro parent page

Added - Remember macro state for every user

Macro's state (page tree & opened panels) can be saved by space administrators and page owners on the macro header. This is pretty useful when an experienced user want to prepare the starting state of the documentation for the end users.
Save view for everyone

Added - Expand / Collapse all to every page

Subpages can be bulk opened and closed in depth.
Expand / Collapse all

Improved - 1st tree level opens by default

When a new macro inserted, the new default view includes the 1st child level opened. Note that default view can be overwritten by space admins and page owners.

Improved - Headings renamed to Table of Contents

By popular demand, Headins menu has been renamed to Table of Contents.

Improved - Major performance improvement

Major code change happend under the hood which improved loading performance, especially in case of bigger space (1000+ pages). The expected performance improvement is around 70-80%, so the macro is actually pretty fast now

Improved - Unsupported emojis

Badly formatted emojies are removed from Table of Contents.

17 August 2023

Announcement - Major changes, new features, pricing model changes

We beleive the current and upcoming versions of ACNC (Advanced Content Navigator for Confluence) adds so many features to Confluence, so it become a real productive daily companion app for every day users. As we invest significant time and money into new features, we introduced a paid pricing model for this app. Stay tuned for new releases and features.

Added - Complete page status management - without editing the page

Did you know that you can set the status for any page in Confluence? Space suggestions or Custom user statuses, with our new release you can manage both! Edit page statuses from our macro, without opening or editing a page!
Manage page statuses without opening or editing the page
Read more about statuses here Page Tree with Status Management

Added - 2 trendy custom status colors

As 2 new colors emerging popularity nowdays
Based on latest trending movies, 2 new colors become popular nowdays. Which new color do you prefer?
Custom status colors

Added - Page metadata

A new panel is accessible with the basic page details, scuch as page owner, last editor and last edit time.
Owner, last updated and last editor
Formerly pages and headings opened on the page, now they open in a new tab, to make navigation easier.

Improved - More details for attachments

Added 2 new attributes:

Improved - Loading performance

Formerly unread pages counted slowly (in some cases took about a minute), now we improved things and even big spaces are loading within seconds!

1 August 2023

Announcement - Preparing for the upcoming releases finished

We committed to deliver many new features to Advanced Content Navigator for Confluence. Our team fine tuned many things under the hood, to prepare our soon to coming major releases, with many new features. Stay tuned!

Added - New and improved logging

Your data is yours. But you can share your app logs with us, which helps our development team to decide which feature is more popular, and which should be improved. We won't store your logs for a long time, and you can turn on/off your app logging any time. We only log usage statistics (eg.: which feature you use in our app), no personal and content related data (no space content or similar).