🎻Using ACNC

How can ACNC be used like a pro

The purpose of this page is to help the users discover and overview the new possibilities provided by ACNC as not just a macro, but as a Space page and Page modal.

Feature matrix

Here is a short overview about which feature available on which screen.

FeatureSpace pageMacroPage modal

Show unread pages

Change parent page

Page panels

Status management

Filtering [NEW]

Assignee & Owner [NEW]

Save this view

Preview page

Reorder pages

Rename page

Open without edit

Keyboard shortcut

On Space level

ACNC available in the sidebar. In this view the top level is the Space itself.

In some rare cases multiple page can be found on the top level, like archived pages.

This menu can be accessed by ACNC keyboard shortcut (just type acnc).

While browsing a page

ACNC is a flexible tool to show and manage pages and also help navigating them. Some cases you need a consistent solution such a fixed macro, in some other cases you only need a quick help with navigation. ACNC can provide both.


To insert a macro, edit the page and click on + sign on the top bar or enter / and type Advanced Content Navigator.

When a macro inserted, by default it shows data as the current page is the default root page, and first level is opened.

Macro can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon. In the edit panel you can change macro content's location.

While editing the macro, parent page can be changed. You always need to chose parent space then parent page to change a macro's root page eventually.

With this option you can create a page with 2 macro inserted side by side, one prepared for developers and one for testers for example.

By selecting Show macro roots option, the selected parent page and its location is shown on the top of the macro. This is useful when having a macro on a page with a custom parent page.

Beware! Copying the macro will result unexpected behaviour, always insert a new macro instead.


When you have ACNC opened, you can

  • Expand all descendants - for quick overview

  • Collapse all descendats - to reduce the clutter

  • Create page under - to make it faster creating content

  • Preview page - open any page preview by clicking on any row. Read more about previewing here.

Refresh data

When you keep your page open in Confluence (with ACNC inserted), sometimes you need to refresh the page to load newly created pages and updates made by others. From now on, you can refresh the macro data only. This will save you time and prevent you from losing focus.

Save this view

When a macro used, some pages or panels might often need be opened which wastes a lot of time. For this problem space administrators and page creator can save a default view for every visitor for that macro. When a view is saved, people visiting the page will see the saved view by default.

Content menu

When you want to open ACNC quickly on any page, you don't always need to edit the page and insert a macro, because you can reach it in the content menu as well.

This function can be accessed by "holding Shift" + ACNC keyboard shortcut.

The popup window will show pages starting from the "current page".

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