🟢Page Tree with Status Management

This page explains how to browse the page tree in the app

Browsing the page tree has been the core feature of this app since version 1.0. However, the page tree is not a tree structure of simple page titles anymore. Rather, it includes a rich set of additional visual information providing a lot more details.

Page Status is a basic tool to manage your page content and set visual indications on the readiness of the content. Page Status is now available in the page tree and helps you quickly identify the pages of a certain status of your interest. E.g. those that are ready for review.

Since August 2023, Page Statuses can be set from the macro without opening or editing the page. With this feature you can

  • Select Suggested statuses (can be enabled/disabled in space administration)

    • These are the same for everyone in the space

  • Select Custom statuses (can be enabled/disabled in space administration)

    • These are custom per user

  • Add new Custom statuses with custom colors

ACNC allows you to track changes made to the pages without getting lost in browsing through notifications. Figure out how this works.

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