🚀Space Page features

On Space page (which can be opened with by typing "ACNC" as a shortcut), there are some space level features:

  • Space Statistics

  • ACNC inserted from the space root

Space statistics

Currently there are few basic, but useful statistics about your spaces:

  • Page count - the number of your pages in the selected space

  • Attachment count - the number of attachments in the selected space

  • Pages created, historically - the visualization of pages created by month, in the last 6 months

  • Top creators - people who creates the most pages in the space

ACNC inserted from the space root

Preview page

Previewing a page means you can quickly open a page side by side, just to check its content as fast as possible. This view does not support images, macros, basically any complex content, bust shows data real quick. This is great when you need to rush through your space. The page can be opened in a new tab from the top of the preview section.

When using Space page, it is suggested to close the Confluence sidebar.

Rename page

By clicking on the pencil, you can rename pages.

Make sure you don't have unsaved drafts on the selected page.

Create page

A new page can be created under any page, while you won't need to leave the Space page area.

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