Atlassian Marketplace Integration for Jira Service Management Cloud

Atlassian Marketplace Integration for Jira Service Management Cloud is an app that helps Atlassian Marketplace Partners improve the quality of their support services showing Marketplace data in Jira Service Management Cloud.


Marketplace Partners selling apps via the Atlassian Marketplace are mandated to provide support for their customers who maintain an active license or subscription of the apps.

Many of these partners (including us, META-INF) uses Jira Service Management Cloud for their Customer Support Service (CSS). Customers submit their support requests via the customer portal or email, and prove their eligilibility for support by providing their Entitlement Number in a portal field.

Entitlement Number identifies the customer, the product, the transactions the customer performed. To check the eligilibility of the customers, support engineers must open the Atlassian Marketplace (or an arbitrary CMS maintained by the partners) and search for the Entitlement Number and verify the data returned.

This process is not only cumbersome, inefficient and error prone, but support engineers will have access to all customer and transactional data, including pricing and sales information, not only those related to the support request they work with.

A convenient and reliable solution could be making Marketplace Data available right where it's most needed, within the customer request itself.

Why Marketplace Data Matters

Marketplace stores customer, license, sales and partner details related to app customers and their purchases. It is an overwhelming source of important information which makes the Marketplace service as a bit clumsy CMS system itself.

Support engineers need to have a thorough understanding of every detail related to a support request in order to provide the highest quality of service to their customers. They need to be aware of not only the technical details of the issue, but the complete context of the request, including:

  • which customer submitted the request

  • which product the request is about

  • what hosting the app is used in (Cloud, DC or Server)

  • what user tier the app is used at

  • who the technical contact of the customer

  • which region and country the customer is from

  • which solution partner (if any) contributed to the transaction

  • how long the customer has been using the app

If support engineers are aware all of this, they have the complete understanding of the request and will be able to respond with the most care and most accuracy.

The app currently hides sales data, so transactional pricing information is not displayed anywhere.

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