Configure access to the Marketplace and field mappings

The configuration screen of the app is accessible under Apps / Manage Apps in Jira.

Marketplace Access

The app access the Atlassian Marketplace REST API via a technical account whose credentials need to be saved. These attibutes are mandatory.

All configuration elements, including the credentials, are stored in an encrypted form using the Forge Storage API. This means the sensitive information is unreadable to anyone and is stored safely in Atlassian's Forge environment.

The Technical Account

The account used to access the Marketplace API must be a Contact in the Marketplace vendor profile and have the following privleges assigned. Privileges may be configured under Manage Vendor / Contacts.

Why using a technical account?

The Atlassian Marketplace does not support OAuth2 access, therefore this is the only option as of now.

On the hand, using a technical account decouples agents from the Marketplace. Marketplace access rights (and hence access to all sales and customer information) are not needed at all for the team of Customer Service agents.

Entitlement Number and Projects

There are two more mandatory attributes that need to be configured before the app is put in use.

Custom Field Mappings

Custom field mappings allows you to save Marketplace Data in custom fields of the customer requests. This brings lots of benefits such as Marketplace data relative to the Entitlement Number may be easily included in Jira screens, but reporting becomes possible and informative dashboards may be built to show the most relevant and mostly hidden details of your service desk.

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