Transaction History

How to view Transaction History of the Customer

Once the Entitlement Number has been saved in the request, the historical transactions performed by the customer may be viewed easily.

  1. To view the transaction history, click the Marketplace button on top of the issue view screen

  2. Clicking the button opens an issue panel with the transaction history details

If the entitlement number is not saved in the Entitlement Number field or if data is not found in the Marketplace for the entered value, the panel displays an informative message respectively.

Retrieving and filtering transaction history

Transaction history is received via the Marketplace REST API. Until the accountId is globally available in the catalog, the only option to receive the complete transaction history of a company is done via the company name.

Company name based retrieval may not be accurate as data belonging to a company named similar to the one in the API call may be returned. Furthermore, Marketplace license and transactional data may be inconsisten in terms of the company name.

Transactional data is filtered by company name (exact match) and the technical contact's email domain.

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