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Adding the Odoo Connect Macro

When an Odoo Connect macro is inserted, a link is embedded and an Odoo links info banner is inserted on the top of the page.
Users can click on the links and be transferred to the record screen of the Odoo server.
To add the Odoo macro to a page you need to authenticate yourself.

Step-by-step guide

  1. 1.
    Insert the Odoo Connect macro by clicking the Insert more content button or pressing Ctrl+Shift+A and look for the Odoo Connect macro.
  2. 2.
    Select the properties as below:
Odoo server
Select one of the Odoo servers in your database.
Odoo model
Select the model in your Odoo system (e.g. Purchase Order, Invoice or Account).
Odoo record
Search for and select the record you want to add to the page (e.g. an invoice number).
Click Save to save the changes in the macro and display it on the page.
Refresh the preview pane by clicking on the icon next to Preview to see how the macro will be displayed.

Odoo Links Info Banner

Adding an Odoo Connect macro to your page will create an Odoo links info banner on the top. Click on Odoo links to check all Odoo servers and macros that the actual page contains.