Potential Future Use Cases

These Use Cases are for demonstration purposes only. They are not yet a working solution in Version 1.0.

Potential Use Cases for Confluence

Generate Newcomer Administrative Papers or Presale Proposals


  • create a blank Confluence Page Template
  • fill up the Template with base text
  • add the Employee Model to the Template
  • add placeholders in the Template such as Employee Name, phone, email, address etc.
  • save the Template
  • create a new page using that Template
  • pick the employee from the drop down in the top of the page
  • it will fill out all the placeholders using the data Odoo of that employee

Potential Use Cases for Odoo

Include all related products in the next Marketing Campaign Plan

  • create a Marketing Campaign in Odoo and add related Products to it
  • when preparing your new Marketing Campaign in Confluence, select the Campaign and pick "all related products" → it will add the list of Products related to the Campaign

Add Confluence-based User Manuals and Technical Specs to your Odoo Inventory items

  • in Odoo, add Confluence Pages to your Inventory Items such as User Manuals and Technical Specs

Field Specific Potential Use Case ideas

CRM, Sales

  • Collaborate in Confluence on quotes before sending out in Odoo
  • Prepare templates in Confluence, fill out for a Lead or Opportunity in Confluence, than link to Odoo record
  • Review and asses Leads in Confluence, link assessment to Odoo record
  • Record meeting notes in Confluence, link them to Opportunities in Odoo
  • Create fliers, brochures in Confluence, send them out in Odoo

Mass mailing

  • Prepare newsletters and offerings in Confluence with your team, finalize and send out in Odoo


  • Prepare HR document templates in Confluence (see details above)
    • Job Description
    • Compensation and Benefits Document
    • Vacation Request Form
    • Yearly Performance Review Template
    • Travel and Expenses Tracking Form
    • Worklog Form
    • Exit Policy Template
    • Training Request Form
  • Fill out HR documents in Confluence and link to Odoo HR records


  • Collaborate on templates for fullfilment
  • Prepare records of fullfilment for invoices in Confluence


MRP (Manufacturing)

  • Product documentation, processes, etc. in Confluence, link to Manufacturing Orders


  • Prepare detailed RfQs in Confluence, send them out in Odoo
Any new ideas? Send us an email to [email protected] with subject: "Connector Use Case Idea".