Selecting cover pages

You can select a front and a back cover page which is included in the export before and after the exported content respectively. Cover pages are standard Confluence pages. You can also use custom field macros to put any variable on them. Read more about it here.
Cover pages have the following types:
  • Global cover pages: These are stored in a separate space called Content Exporter global cover pages, and can be used in all spaces.
  • Space cover pages: Any page can be a cover page in the current space.
1. Select the page you want to use from the dropdown list:
Selecting cover pages
Note: For global export profiles, you can select only pages from the Content Exporter global cover pages space.
For space-level export profiles you can select any page from the current space, and also pages from the Content Exporter global cover pages space.
If you get the message on the export profiles list (both on global and space-level) indicating that the "Content Exporter global cover pages" space is missing, you can immediately create it by clicking the Create space button.
Missing Global Cover Pages space