General settings

1. To access General configuration, click the
icon, and choose General configuration.
Important: You need to be logged in as an administrator.
Opening configuration for Content Exporter
2. Once in the General Configuration menu, open Content Exporter -> General settings.
General settings for Content Exporter
General settings can have the following configuration:
Output format - PDF
If checked, the "Export to PDF" item appears in the site's menu.
Output format - Word
If checked, the "Export to Word" item appears in the site's menu.
Output format - HTML
If checked, the "Export to HTML" item appears in the site's menu.
Export permission
It defines what kind of export permission is active in Content Exporter:
  • None - If the user has view permission, he/she can export the page.
  • Use confluence permissions - Only those users can export who has export permission on the exportable space. The Content exporter checks that the correct permissions are present.
Export page selection
When using the 'Selected pages' option on the Export Dialog, this option will determine which pages will be selected by default. This option is overriden by the selected pages of the user's latest export.
  • All pages are selected - Every page will be selected.
  • No page is selected - No page will be selected.
All pages are selected

Setting up export permissions in Confluence

If you select the Use confluence permissions under permission management, the system checks if the user has export permission in the current space or not.
You can use the standard settings to enable export for a user or a group. For more information, see the Confluence documentation: