PDF Custom fonts

By default, the Content Exporter supports a subset of fonts. If you need to use other fonts (eg. Chinese, Japanese or other non-supported fonts) or specific styling (eg. corporate fonts), you need to upload custom fonts as a Confluence administrator. Later users can select them in the profile.
A font consists of the following parts:
  • a name that you can use to refer to the font
  • font files for different styling of fonts
Each file contains the following fonts for different styling:
  • regular
  • bold
  • italic
  • bold italic
Note: There is no need to upload all files. At least one font file is mandatory.

Uploading a custom font

To upload a custom font follow these steps:
1. Go to General Configuration → Content Exporter → PDF Custom fonts
2. Enter a Font name. This name will be visible in the font selector on the profile editor.
3. Select the font files to upload by clicking Choose File.
3. Click Upload.
For selecting an uploaded custom font, please see the instructions at Advanced Settings on Export Profiles page.
Tip: You can find some fonts at:
Important: Fonts cannot be edited (eg. renamed), you must delete them and upload again to modify them. Currently, Content Exporter does not support licensed fonts.