Glass Documentation 2.2.0

Released on 16 Mar 2020, available from Atlassian Marketplace .

Released Features in 2.2.0

Extended Scheme Information

  • The following Schemes can be expanded, internal mapping is available
  • Extended Schemes available in the PDF export
Issue Type Scheme
Issue Type Scheme
Workflow Scheme
Workflow Scheme
Issue Type Screen Scheme
Issue Type Screen Scheme
Field Configuration Scheme
Field Configuration Scheme

Extended Transition Screens

  • Added Transition Screen content to every transition where applied
  • Transition Screens available in the PDF export
Transition Screen

Added perspectives for Permission Overview

  • New tab - View Permissions by Permissions
View by Permissions
  • New tab - View Permissions by Actors
View by Actors

Added perspectives for Notification Overview

  • New tab - View Notifications by Events
View by Events
  • New tab - View Notifications by Actors
View by Actors


  • Fixed Exception with Vacation Manager project
  • Added Issue Type ID to the UI
  • Fine tuned UI where rows are expandable
  • Added Navigation Links to Documentation and Marketplace

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