Glass Project Documentation vs. Project Information

Detailing the differences between the two Glass apps.
We believe that the array of functionalities Glass Project Documentation for Jira provides is highly useful for every company regardless of their size, shape or form. With time, however, we've also found that PDF and Confluence export is used almost exclusively by large companies, so we decided to create a light version of our app for a wider target audience.
Glass Project Information for Jira has all features of the original app, except the export feature.
Glass products are available on all platforms with little to no difference in their set of available features.
What do you need? Glass Project Documentation or Glass Project Information?

Feature comparison

Glass Project Information
Glass Project Documentation
All Platforms
All Platforms
Ability to read configurations, but not to export them.
Ability to read the configurations and export them to PDF and Confluence as well.
Target audience
Literally every company with Jira instances.
Expert administrators and large companies with audit targets.
Show project configuration without admin access
Show advanced settings (transition details, matrixes, etc)
Compare configurations
Export to PDF
Export to Confluence
Update to Confluence