Export Project Documentation as PDF

Jira Project Documentation as PDF

Open Glass Documentation

Users with Glass View permission can access Project Configuration Documentation from project sidebar menu, by clicking on the Glass Documentation menu:
Open Glass Documentation

Export as PDF

Click on Export as on the top right corner, select PDF from the dropdown menu:
Export button
After you selected the menu, the export screen pops up.
Select what to export to PDF
Here you can select which sections should be inlcuded in the PDF and miss what you dont need, to reduce export size.
When you press Export, the PDF download starts, and the screen will be closed when finished (export time depends on your instance speed and size, but usually takes about 5-6 seconds).
Pdf export succeeded
Exported PDF contains the same information as online, in a well formatted a way, which is prepared for Audit purposes.
This is an example PDF
Try full export on our Demo Instance or trial it on Your Instance.

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