⛅ Cloud vs On Premise

Detailing the differences between platforms.
Glass Project Documentation for Cloud was built to have the same features as the Server/Data Center versions, but there are some differences due to Atlassian's API limitations and the nature of different platforms.
Glass documentation for Jira Cloud - Overwiew

Features available in the Cloud version

The below features are fully functional in the Cloud version as well as the Server/DC versions:

Feature limitations that apply to the Cloud version

The below limitations apply to the Cloud version in comparison with the Server/DC platforms:
  • Workflow images can neither be shown nor exported, but transitions are listed as usual. This is an Atlassian limitation, for more information, please click here.
  • Custom Conditions, Validators and Post-Functions are not available in a readable format, but the provided data is still displayed.
  • Scheme Occurence counter only available on Server & Data Center