Glass 3.3.0

Glass Project Documentation & Information - 3.3.0 Release Notes

Released on 8 Sept 2023, available from Atlassian Marketplace.

Released Features in 3.3.0

↔️ Introducing 3rd party App Integrations

There is a new Integrations menu in Glass for Administrators only, where 3rd party app integrations are listed.

If you would like to show your app's settings in Glass contact us!

⏭️ Native integration with Email This Issue

Purpose: Gather and List entities from Email This Issue, which are definietly attached to the selected project. Note that Glass Documentation's purpose is gathering and visualizing settings from the selected project's perspective only, that's why Email This Issue objects are gathered with the same mindset.

Usage: Overview the following Email This Issue settings

  • Notifications (Contexts (On premise only), Events, Outgoing Connections, Templates)

  • Mail Handlers (Incoming Connections, Default Reporter, Handler Complexity)

  • Workflow post functions & transition properties (which can be opened within Glass)

  • Manual Email Configurations (Basic information)

  • Advanced Email Configurations (Cloud only)

As a System administrator, click on the entity and navigate to Email This Issue's administration screen, where you can view all the details.


Mail Handlers

Note that only handlers shown where current project added to the Create issue action.


Manual Email

Read more about the integration Email This Issue

⚑ Partial export

When exporting to PDF or Confluence, there is a new tab where the exportable content can be reduced. This is particularly useful, when

  • only few settings are changed, and there is no need for a full export

  • issue types & workflows are exported and maintened as subpages in Confluence

  • some settings are not used like Components or Versions

  • some settings shouldn't be exported to an audit

  • content is too long, so that Confluence export can not be created because of size limitations

Better UI for transitions

Added new visuals for transition screens.


  • Resolving resolution values from ids to values (eg.: Done instead of 10010) on cloud too

  • Helper text has been changed when exporting to Confluence, to make sure you start typing :)

  • Changed the technical background of identification of groups, because of changes of Atlassian

  • Added Data Residency support for πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΊEU and πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈUS

  • When special characters presented in the name of Workflow, Atlassian failed to send back the result. Submitted a ticket to Atlassian, and released a fix on both side

  • Improved performance in projects, where more than 2.000 people added

  • Fixed a scenario when a mailformatted 3rd party app broke Glass when the transition opened

  • Added basic support for Jira Product Discovery type, still Glass is not available for them

  • Added visualization when a transition is opened (from statuses, transition name, to status)

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