3 - Set up Confluence export

To use the Confluence export feature in Glass Project Documentation, there are settings that need to be configured in advance. For more information, read along.
This guide is suitable for Server and Data Center platforms only.
Authentication on Cloud instances is managed by the users.

First steps

To carry out Confluence export in Glass Project Documentation, the following settings need to be configured in advance:
  • You need to have a Confluence instance with a valid license to where the documentation will be exported.
  • You need to have a Confluence Instance and a Jira Instance that are linked via the Application Links setting.
  • You need an executing user or administrator in both Jira and Confluence.
  • Users need to have specific permissions (View, Add, Edit) in the destination Confluence Space.
As an admin, you can configure all required settings in Jira and Confluence System Admin sites.
If you are new to Application Links or need a guiding hand in setup and configuration, check out the official Atlassian Documentation for Application Links.

Required Settings

Create New
Update Existing
Application Links (linking Jira and Confluence)
View Permission in Confluence Space
Add Permission in Confluence Space