Glass Doc & Info 3.0.5

Released on 29 Mar 2022, available from Atlassian Marketplace.


In this release, several unusual bugs were caught and eliminated.

  • If you had a 3rd party workflow app that contained a malformed HTML, export with Glass failed. From now on, it works even if something is not perfect in the received HTML.

  • When you played for real high stakes and your Confluence had over 1.000 spaces, we failed to retrieve them all, resulting in a thwarted export. Now we can count spaces and other entities "to Infinity and Beyond"!

  • Special characters in a project's name could make a Confluence export fail. Now there is less chance for a broken export.

  • As our Documentation had just moved to a new place, we didn't forget to replace in-app links either!

  • Improved logging: we expect the unexpected. When it happens, we can support you better.

Special thanks to Mihai and Oleg, who led us on this track!

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