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Email This Issue

Configuration details about Incoming and Outgoing mail settings

Email This Issue integration in Glass

The integration gives you a quick overview of your Email This Issue configurations for the selected project. There are many clickable elements in this overview, which will bring you straight to the relevant settings, but it only works, if you have at least project administer permission.

The badge with the number on the tabs indicate the number of settings you have in each category.


The notifications tab contains all your Contexts (in case of Server/Data Center).

There is a box for each Context, containing the Templates, the Outgoing Mail Connection, and the Notification Template used by it.

The blue badge indicates the order of the Context, which determines the order in which the Contexts configured with the same combination of Project and Issue Type are evaluated. We used this to set the order in which your Contexts are listed here, too.

Email This Issue notifications configured for the selected project

By clicking on the cards, you can navigate straight to the configurations of your Context, Outgoing Mail Connection, or Notification Template. Inside Notification Templates, the different templates are also clickable, so you can edit those quickly, too.

Mail Handler

The mail handlers tab list all the Incoming Mail Handlers which potentially create issues to the selected project. You can have the most important information of your mail handlers here:

  • Name

  • Type and name of the Incoming Mail Connection

  • Default Reporter, and

  • Complexity, which shows you how many filters are set in your mail handler

Email This Issue Mail Handler configured for the selected project

By clicking on each row, you can navigate straight to the settings of your selected mail handler.

Note that other Handlers may add comment to issues in this project, when replying mails, sent from this project.


Inside the Workflow tab Post Functions and Transition Properties containing Email This Issue-related events are listed separately, but in both cases, you see the name of the workflow in the top left corner, and the Issue Type it is relevant to, in the top right corner.

Workflow transitions where Email This Issue post function or property added in the project

By clicking on the grey transition field in one of your post functions, you will be navigated to the Post Function which allows Email This Issue to send an email, and can have a look at the parameters set up.

You can have a look at the Transition Properties set up with an Email This Issue Property Key the same way.

You have the ability to look through the settings of the workflow, but not to navigate to it.

Manual Email

The most relevant information about your Manual Email Default settings are shown here.

Email This Issue Manual Emails configured for the selected project

By clicking on each row, you can navigate straight to the settings of your selected manual email default setting.

Advanced Email Configuration

An extra configuration layer with advanced options for outgoing mails, listed on every outgoing page where applied, in a separated section.

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