💡 Concept & Goals

"Writing documentation is like yoga, you know it's hugely beneficial but you never ever feel like doing it"
Improve your project documentation in Jira

Goals and Proposal

With Glass Project Documentation our goal was to solve three crucial problems with Jira Project Configurations:
  • to help new users learn about Jira project settings
  • to give more control to admins in regards to validating settings
  • to provide accurate and summarized information for audits
In the below table we would like to share our proposal with you for achieving these goals:
Education - for Newcomers
Helps (new) users to quickly catch up with (new) Jira Projects.
  • Enthusiastic users
  • Increased productivity
  • Easier communication with Administrators
Control - for Admins
Helps Jira administrators to quickly validate Project Schemes and other Settings.
  • Less administrative mistakes
  • Easier cooperation for instances with multiple Administrators
  • Easier communication with Users
Process Documentation - for Audits
Creates and keeps Project Configuration Documentation updated
  • Saves time and effort
  • Keeps documentation up-to-date
  • Easy to understand format


To reach our goals, we created an app that provides tons of information not only for Jira administrators but for the average user as well. To make this happen, we've made all information accessible for users with the Glass View permission.
With Glass Project Documentation Administrators can "open" most of the projects for a wide range of users, while still keeping data-sensitive projects hidden via Permission Schemes.