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Email This Issue - for Jira Server/Data Center
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Comparing Email This Issue and Jira Server/DC

The following table is a comparison of email sending capabilities of Jira Server/DC and Email This Issue for Jira Server/DC.
Email This Issue
Jira Core / Software
Jira Service Management
Event notifications (Notification schemes)
Custom email templates in event notifications
Limited only to customer notifications
Conditional event notifications
Send link to issues to users and email addresses (Share button)
Send issue details to users and email addresses when needed (Email button)
Bulk email sending (send multiple issues in one email)
Email batching for notifications
Send emails from a workflow transition
Send email via automation
Possible using Jira Automation
Process incoming emails as new issues or comments
Initialize issue fields (including custom fields) from email
Find issues related to incoming emails using issue fields
Create or Comment Or Link mail handler based on JQL
Create Or Comment Or Subtask based on JQL
Execute workflow transition on issues upon processing emails
Possible, using automation
Send auto-reply emails back to senders
Limited, can be achieved using Jira out-of-the-box automation
Blocklist of senders to block emails
MD5 hash based attachment filtering
Support for external issue participants via event notifications
From address and sender name in outgoing emails generated from fields or custom fields
Searchable audit log of emails sent or received
JQL functions to search for issues sent in or created/commented via emails
OAuth 2.0 support for Google and Microsoft accounts
Custom/removable prefix for outgoing emails
Multiple SMTP Connections
Webhook-based alerting for email incidents