Email Audit Log

Email audit log is a chronological list of emails received or sent using JETI allowing you to track all correspondence that is related to an issue.

The email log contains the following:

  • sent emails (labelled as "John Doe has emailed this issue")

  • received emails of both two types:

    • emails from which new issues are created (labelled as "John Doe has created issue by email")

    • emails from which comments are added to existing issues (labelled as "John Doe has commented issue by email")

Issue Tab

Email log related to an issue is displayed in an Issue Tab.

Note: Only emails sent or received by our app are listed here.

Global Email Log

Admins can browse the global Email Log under SETTINGS --> Email Log. Search over all email fields and by date is possible.

Emails are listed by date in descending order. You can search emails by free text and by date.

Using the Reply, Reply All and Forward functions


Email Log offers email operations like Reply, Reply All, Forward and Resend for each email that is sent or processed using Email This Issue.

The automatic cleanup of the audit log

Email This Issue can clean up your audit log. You can configure a scheduled job to monitor for old email items and purge them. The emails deleted by this purge will also be removed from the Emails tab.

Displaying the status of the outgoing messages

In Email This Issue for Jira, emails are queued and delivered in batch. To give end-users a feedback the status of the outgoing emails are accessible for them both on the Emails tab of the Jira issue and in the Email Audit Log, regular users can also monitor the dispatch process and make sure if their message was sent in fact. If not, they can contact their Jira administrator to fix the issue and send the affected message(s) again via the β€œResend” operation afterwards.

Status values include:

  • QUEUED: if the audit log entry for an outgoing email is created

  • SUCCESSFUL: if the email was correctly sent via the corresponding Outgoing Connection

  • FAILED: if the email could not be sent via the corresponding Outgoing Connection and resulted in the Error Queue

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