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OAuth2 Client Credentials

Email This Issue now supports OAuth2 authorization protocol to access email services such as Gmail.
OAuth2 specifications define the concept of Client Credentials which is comprised of two attributes: Client ID and Client Secret.
To obtain such a credential, you must visit your email service provider’s console page and have your provider generate a Client ID-Secret pair for you. See how you can do this with Google or Microsoft. Read more here:
Once you generated a Client ID-Secret pair with your service provider, you must save these credentials in Email This Issue and use them in Incoming Mail Accounts and Outgoing Mail Connections if you choose to use OAuth2 authorizations to access these services.
Client credentials (client ID and Secret) are required to access the provider and retrieve the so called Refresh Tokens and Access Tokens that ensure you’re allowed to access the service.
Without such credentials, OAuth2 authorization will not work.

OAuth2 Credentials in Email This Issue

To find the saved credentials or create new ones go to SETTINGS --> OAuth2 Client Credentials.

Adding a new credential

Name your credentials so that you can recognize them later
Service Provider
The email service provider like Google OAuth2 Provider
Client ID
Enter the Client ID obtained from your service provider
Client Secret
Enter the Client Secret obtained from your Service Provider completing the Client ID
Authorization Endpoint
Service Provider’s authorization service
Token Endpoint
Service Provider’s token service
Callback URL
The URL to which the Service Provider will redirect during the authorization process.
This is relative to your Jira instance.
Note: Client Secret is stored in an encrypted form in the database.