Outgoing Mail Queue

To display the Outgoing Mail Ques, go to OUTGOING EMAILS ADMINSTRATION --> Outgoing Mail Queue

The Active Queue

Outgoing Mail Delivery Queue like the Jira Outgoing Mail Queue lists all emails that are being delivered. The Outgoing Delivery Mail Queue only lists emails delivered via the SMTP connections configured in Email This Issue. Emails sent via Jira's SMTP Connection are not listed here.

Note: Unlike the Jira Mail Queue, the Outgoing Mail Delivery Queue is persistent. Emails placed on the queue will survive Jira restarts to make sure no emails are lost when a maintenance window kicks in.

The Error Queue

If email delivery is not possible via the SMTP Connections, emails are placed on the Error Queue where detailed error information is available by expanding the items.

Click the Resend button to resend the emails after the problems have been resolved.

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