Mail Handler Error Log

SINCE / 7.0.10

Jira Email This Issue keeps track of email processing errors. If an email cannot be processed because an error occurs, it will be tracked in the error log with detailed error information.

Note: If an email is registered in the error log because processing failed, Email This Issue will not try to import the email again but keeps it in the mail account. If you remove the error log for the corresponding email, Email This Issue will try to import it again in the next handler iteration.

This behavior will prevent generating many issues from the same email or incrementing issue keys with huge gaps.

Opening the Error Log

If error information is available, a red badge will show the number of errors in the log in each Mail Handlers.

Managing error information

The error log allows you to view the basic attributes of the emails failed to be processed with detailed error stack trace information included.

Search the error log for items, keep the error log cleaned by deleting items one-by-one or with the bulk delete options.

Detailed information is shown if you click the blue header area. You can expand and collapse the details.

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