Canned responses

Canned responses are predefined text responses that allow you to quickly insert them into outgoing manual emails.

Managing canned responses

Canned responses can be added, deleted and edited in the canned responses section of Jira Email This Issue administration. They only take text input, velocity, and other codes are not yet supported.

1. Go to OUTGOING EMAILS --> Canned Responses and do either of the following:

  • Add new responses by clicking on the Add button.



The name of the canned response. This will be displayed when composing a manual email.


The description of the response. This is displayed only in the list of canned responses.


The text response itself. This is the one text that you can insert into your outgoing emails.


Set any category for your canned responses. Categories have to be added in Contexts afterward to be able to select them on the email screen. If the canned responses option is enabled, and no category is chosen, all of them will be available for choosing on the email screen.


Saves and adds the response to the list.


Cancels the editing process, the response will not be displayed in the list.

  • Delete already existing ones by clicking the three dots next to the name of the response and choosing Delete.

  • Edit already existing ones by clicking the three dots next to the name of the response and choosing Edit.

Enabling responses in Contexts

You can enable/disable responses in the Contexts and if enabled, and you can select the response categories previously added to be able to use the response when composing manual emails.

1. Go to OUTGOING EMAILS --> Contexts.

2. Click the three dots next to the name of the context you'd like to edit and choose Edit.

3. In the Edit Context page scroll down to the Content panel's Response Categories field.

4. Start typing the name of the category or select it from the drop-down menu. If you do not select any categories here, all of them will be offered on the email screen.

Adding a response to an outgoing manual email

After creating the canned response and enabling it in Contexts, it becomes available on the email screen. When composing an email click Add Response to add a canned response to the mail body.

Note: You can add multiple canned responses to one email, there is no limitation to their number.

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