Email This Issue
Email This Issue - for Jira Server/Data Center

Searching for issues in email templates

SINCE 7.1.2
Email This Issue allows template developers to search for issues and render them into the email using the template support API.
Note: JQL query can be generated dynamically using the information of the current issue or user.

Getting the first issue that matches a JQL query

The following example searches for the first issue matching the JQL query.
#set($firtstIssue = $!templateSupport.firstIssueMatchingJQL("project = $issue.projectObject.key AND assignee=$! AND priority = Highest ORDER BY rank"))

Checking if an issue matches a JQL query

Sometimes is necessary to develop conditional templates based on complex issue attributes.
#if($!templateSupport.issueMatchesJQL("mycustomfield = somevalue AND component=ImportantComponent", $!issue)
## do something...

Finding issues using JQL

Fetch and iterate through the list of issues matching a JQL query.
#set($searchResults = $!templateSupport.searchForIssuesByJQL("project=IT AND resolution=Unresolved", 10))
#foreach($result in $searchResults.getResults())
$velocityCount - $!result.key (comments: $!result.comments.size())