Searching for issues in email templates

SINCE 7.1.2

Email This Issue allows template developers to search for issues and render them into the email using the template support API.

Note: JQL query can be generated dynamically using the information of the current issue or user.

Getting the first issue that matches a JQL query

The following example searches for the first issue matching the JQL query.

#set($firtstIssue = $!templateSupport.firstIssueMatchingJQL("project = $issue.projectObject.key AND assignee=$! AND priority = Highest ORDER BY rank"))


Checking if an issue matches a JQL query

Sometimes is necessary to develop conditional templates based on complex issue attributes.

#if($!templateSupport.issueMatchesJQL("mycustomfield = somevalue AND component=ImportantComponent", $!issue) 
## do something...

Finding issues using JQL

Fetch and iterate through the list of issues matching a JQL query.

#set($searchResults = $!templateSupport.searchForIssuesByJQL("project=IT AND resolution=Unresolved", 10))
  #foreach($result in $searchResults.getResults())
$velocityCount - $!result.key (comments: $!result.comments.size())

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