Sending issue filters by email

The Issue Navigator is a flexible search and reporting tool in Jira. It is where you develop your issue filters. Email This Issue allows you to send the issues from a filter in emails.

Do the following to send filters by email with the help of Jira Email His Issue:

1. Go to Issues -> Search for issues, then switch to Advanced search.

3. Type in the desired filter, then as shown in the image below, click the Email button in the top right corner.

4. Select the Issues to Send, then click Next.

5. Choose one of the two available options:

  • Send Issues Separately

This operation will send each issue in a separate email. You can rely on all the recipient options available in all email screens in Email This Issue.

Recipients may be issue-specific like Assignee or recipients from custom fields, etc.

Note: Jira Email This Issue sends a single email to all recipients in contrast to Jira that sends separate emails. This means if you send n issues to m recipients for an issue, JETI sends m emails, while Jira sends n x m emails.

Note: The Outgoing Email Connection used for each email to send out will be determined by the Context configured for the Issue.

  • Send List of Issues

This operation will send the list of issues in a single email. This is useful when you need to send the content of a filter in an issue table.

Recipients of these emails may be the users, external email addresses or user groups. Roles, issue participants and custom fields are not available.

Note: The Outgoing Email Connection that will be used to send out these emails can be configured in the General Configuration, under the Bulk Email section.

6. Compose your email the usual way by setting recipients, content and options.

Note: The email composition screen allows you to select a template to generate the emails from the dropdown list. When the content of a filter is sent in an issue list, templates must be created from the Issue List theme.

For more information, see Email templates.

7. Confim the list of issues and Click Cancel to start over, or Send to dispatch the emails.

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