Manual Email Default Settings

Email this issue allows you to send manual emails using the Email button in the issue screen. When you open the email screen you may want to see default recipients, apply default email format and various other mail options.

Just like any other context like entities in Jira Email This Issue, Default Settings may also be applied to one or more projects, one or more issue type or you can even specify a JQL filter criteria to precisely target the defaults to issues.

Go to Manual Email Defaults under OUTGOING EMAILS. To add a new configuration, click the Add button. To edit an already existing one, click the three dots and choose Edit.

The following images give an example of a simple configuration:

Once configured, the email screen will be initialized with the best matching default settings. If none applies to an issue, the global defaults from the Configuration tab will apply.

Note: In order to make sure the default settings are applied, user options should be disabled in General Configuration. For more information, see General configuration.

Default Settings




It defines the project where the context is applied. Can be left empty.

Issue Type

In defines the type where the context is applied. Can be left empty.

JQL Filter

It defines a JQL condition to match the set of issues the context may be applied to. JQL Filter with combination of Product and Issue Type selected, is used to determine if the Context is applicable to an Issue being sent in an email.

Optional, since Version 6.2.


It defines the order in which the Contexts configured with the same combination of Product and Issue Type are evaluated. Since Version 6.2.



Recipients selected will be preloaded in the email screen.


Recipients selected will be preloaded in the email screen.


Recipients selected will be preloaded in the email screen.

Email Settings

Email Format

Defines whether to use HTML or Text format.

Add Recipients to Watchers

If enabled, user recipients are added as watchers, and external recipients are added in the External Watcher Field selected in the Context.

Send Email with this sender

If enabled, the current user is set as the sender of the email.

Reply to user

If enabled, the current user's email address is set as the Reply-To address in the email

From Addresses

Enter a list of email addresses (one per line) to display a drop down list of these email addresses in the email screen. If an address is selected, the email's From Address will be set to it.

Comment Settings

Comment Visibility

If set, a comment is added to the issue when the manual email is sent (can be overridden by the email options on the email screen).

Suppress Event

If enabled, the Issue Commented event is not fired when JETI adds the comment.

Add Comments to Outgoing Emails

If enabled, comments are made available in the email templates.

Remove the original email's content when adding a comment from the reply email

Removes the original email's content from the comment in case of using the Reply/Reply All/Forward functions.

How default settings are applied

There may be multiple default settings configured. Email This Issue finds the nearest matching default settings for an issue when the email screen opens.

The evaluation of the default settings is done the same way as the evaluation of Contexts is. (For more information, see Contexts.) Email options set on the email screen override the manual email defaults.

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