Alerting and other major new features

What’s new

  • Receive alerts if outgoing/incoming email connections or your mail handlers fail to work (documentation) - read our official announcement

  • Outgoing Email status visible in Email Audit Log (documentation)

  • Outgoing Connection improvements: new UI, default outgoing connection (documentation)

  • Email chaining in mail handlers (documentation)

  • Set Field Action improvements in Next-gen Mail Handlers (documentation)

  • Customizable details section of the Manual Email Screen (documentation)

  • Email Templates screen improvement

  • Email Audit Log purge improvements to add more details (documentation)

  • Requeue All action in the outgoing error queue

  • Send signup invitation emails with custom templates from the Next-gen Mail Handler (documentation)

  • Set priority in Jira Software Projects

What’s fixed

  • HTML structure of outgoing emails is not complete

  • Format of comments added after manual emails are sent

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