9.1.1 Improvements and fixes

What’s new

  • Mail Handler page UI text change

  • Determine project, issue type and request type from email

  • Notification opt-out link in templates

  • Execute Workflow Transition using JSM API when sender is customer

  • Project configuration for if condition in Next Gen Mail Handlers

  • Non-Standard email decoding

  • Mail body attachment filtering

  • Set assignee/single user picker custom field from recipient addresses

  • Use Service desk Customer Opt-in/Opt-out settings in Customer Notifications

What’s fixed

  • If issue not fond / create issue / set issue field / manually set can not be saved

  • With Jiras Outgoing Mail Settings in Context Manual Email button disappears

  • Customer Invitation link not present in notification template.

  • Attachment picker field double to long conversion

  • Incorrect role determination

  • User w/out permission display is wrong in Save senders and recipients action

  • Default Reporter is set as Reporter when sender is Customer and Collaborator simultaneously

  • Attachments in notifications not sent

  • Twice present "Issue Attachment Selector Field" on Issue Navigator view

  • Watcher saving in case of non-SM project

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