9.2.0 Improvements and fixes


With this version, the Classic mail handler stops working. DO NOT UPDATE to this version if you have classic mail handlers that you wish to still use. Migrate to Next-gen handlers as soon as possible following the Step-by-Step Handler Migration aid.

What’s new

  • Improved UI for Incoming connections (formerly Mail Accounts)

  • Make default issue types dynamically available in the Advanced create action

  • Add Request Participants when sending emails

  • Allow selecting disabled accounts in Handlers

  • Prefill "From Address" field on the manual email screen

  • Incoming connection protocol log

What’s fixed

  • Regex evaluation based on email input

  • Next-gen handler to process archived issues as if they were not found

  • Next Gen Mail Handler - set custom field with type label fails

  • -i suffix after an encoding is causing error

  • Other security fixes

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