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What does JETI mean?

If you ever come across with the acronym JETI, know that it stands for Jira Email This Issue.

How do I install license keys?

See detailed instructions here.

Do you provide free community or non-profit licenses for your products?

Yes, we do, however the license keys are issued by Atlassian. Read through How to obtain a community or non-profit license to learn how you can receive your keys.

I can't see the Email Button in the issue screen. Why is that?

There may be multiple reasons why Email button is not shown. Read Why the Email Button is missing to understand what happens.

Can Email This Issue send auto-reply or acknowledgment emails to the sender of incoming emails?

Absolutely. There are multiple ways to achieve this. Read through How to set up auto-reply or acknowledgment emails to understand which alternative works best for you.

Why don't I get any emails?

There may be numerous reasons why you don't get emails from JETI/Jira. Read through the How to track cases when you don't get any emails.

I get duplicate emails. Is this normal?

No, absolutely not. See How to prevent duplicate emails.

I don't want to show real user names as sender of emails. Can I customize the From attribute of emails?

Yes, the name of the sender is easily and flexibly configurable. See How to customize Email From in outgoing emails.

Where can I see the emails that were sent or received using JETI?

JETI provides an issue specific and a global log of emails. See How to view log of incoming and outgoing emails for more information.

I don't want to allow that emails can be sent to any email address. How can I restrict recipients?

See How to control to whom email can be sent to impose restrictions.

There is an email loop and issues are being created continuously. What do I do?

Email loops might happen as a result of misconfiguration. See How to avoid email loops.

My iOS Mail app does not show attachments sent with JETI. What do I do?

Mail app on iOS devices does not handle multipart/related emails correctly. The iOS Mail app does not show attachments.

Can I route emails to multiple projects through the same Mail Handler?

Yes, it can Route Emails to Projects. The Email This Issue Mail Handler can do a lot with the incoming emails, e.g. it can initialize issue fields based on the incoming email. Read more here.

Can I send emails individual emails to each recipient?

SINCE V7.1.1.5

Email This issue supports sending personalized emails individually to each recipient. Read more here.

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