How to avoid email loops


Email loops occur when you configure Jira Email This Issue (JETI) to send emails to an address where a mail handler is listening.

For example:

  1. You receive an email.

  2. JETI/Jira imports it, and stores all recipient email address (including the email address on which the handler is listening) in a custom field.

  3. JETI Notifications for Issue Created/Commented event is configured to notify email addresses stored in the field.

  4. When the email is processed, Jira throws the event and JETI sends out email to the address again.

  5. JETI/Jira starts to import the email, and the loop starts again.

It is easy to prevent this. Choose from the following options:

  • Add the Mail Handler email address to the Recipient Blocklist field in the General Configuration page of Email This Issue. No email will be sent to addresses on the blocklist. Read more here.

  • Configure the JETI Mail Handler Context and store the mail handler email address in the Email Address Exclusion field. This will instruct the mail handler not to store the handler email address in the custom field. Read more here.

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