How to control who to send emails to

Jira Email This Issue (JETI) allows you to impose restrictions on recipients of emails in multiple ways under Restrictions on the General Configuration page. Read more here.

Excluding recipients

You can exclude Roles, Groups or Fields from the recipient dropdown fields to avoid accidental broadcast of emails. E.g. you may want to exclude the jira-users group, so senders cannot email all users.

Note: These restrictions do not mean that users cannot select individuals who are member of these groups/roles/fields as recipients. Restrictions simply remove the selected entities from the recipient lists.

Excluding external recipients

By enabling the option Exclude external recipients you can make sure that emails will not be sent outside the scope of your Jira users. Even if an email address is specified manually or stored in a custom field, no emails will be sent to that address unless it belongs to a Jira user.

Limiting recipients to a project's users

By enabling this option, you can make sure that only those Jira users will receive emails who are authorized to view the issue in Jira, so those users who have the Browse project permission for the project of the issue.

Recipient allowlist

The ultimate solution to fine-tuning recipients is the Recipient allowlist. It is a list of regular expressions. Only those recipients receive the emails whose email address matches at least one regular expression.

For example, to specify that emails can only be sent to domain, enter this expression: .*@mydomain\.com

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