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How to customize Email From in outgoing emails

The From attribute of emails are normally composed of two values:
  • The email address of the sender
  • The name of the sender
For example, when you see that the sender of an email is John Doe <[email protected]>, John Doe is the name of the sender, while <[email protected]> is the sender's email address.

Set the From name

Jira Email This Issue (JETI) allows you to configure the From name in emails in Contexts. See more here. The attribute is called Sender Name Pattern. It is a Velocity Markup field that generates a label to be used as the From name.
For example:
  • To use the project name with the word Hotline, configure this pattern: $! Hotline
  • To use the value of a custom field, configure this pattern: $!jetiFieldRenderer.renderCustomField($issue, 'customfield_10000')
If you do not specify any values, JETI will fall back to Jira's Email From setting in General Configuration. Read more here.
Note: The Sender Name Pattern is applied only if the user does not enable the option Send mail with me as sender. In this case, the user's full name will be used.

Set the From email address

JETI uses Jira's project email address to set as the Email From address. Read more here.
Choose one of the following ways to override this:
  • Enable the Send mail with me as sender option when sending the email so that the user's email address will be used.
  • Enter a From Address in Contexts. This will override the project email address. Read more here.