Using and configuring Email This Issue is easy, however it will take a little while to fully understand the power, flexibility and benefits of this product. This page lists a series of tutorials that guide you through the steps of achieving a certain goal.

Evaluation - Email This Issue does not currently support Jira's embedded database (HSQL). If you encounter problems, and are using HSQL, please continue your tests using a production-ready database.

Getting started - This tutorial explains the first steps after installing the add-on.

Customizing the email template used with manual emails - This tutorial explains the steps you need to take to customize the template Email This Issue uses when you send emails manually with the Email button.

Setting up customized notifications -This tutorial explains the steps needed for setting up customized notifications.

Setting up an email service management without using Jira Service Management -This tutorial explains the steps needed for setting up a typical email service management using Email This Issue.

Enhancing Jira Service Management with Email This Issue -This tutorial explains the steps for integrating Email This Issue with Jira Service Management.

Configuring email approval -This tutorial describes how to configure email approval.

Setting up a Service Management project with a Next Generation Mail Handler -This tutorial explains how to set up a Next Generation Mail Handler for a Service Management project.

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