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Email This Issue - for Jira Server/Data Center
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Getting Started

This guide is to show you how to start using Email This Issue after installing it from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Before you begin

This tutorial requires the following prerequisites to be met:
  • The Email This Issue add-on is installed in Jira. Read more here.
  • A license key is saved in Jira.
  • You have an SMTP server configured in Jira. Read more here.
Note: You must be a Jira administrator to be able to perform the following settings.


By following this guide you will be able to send issues via email from Jira using the default email template.
Read more here:


1. Open the issue in Jira. To send a manual email, do either of the following:
  • Click the Email button on the right side of the issue screen.
  • Under More, choose the Email This Issue item from the menu.
  • Press Q.
The Email This Issue email edit screen appears on the left, and the actual issue details on the right column of the page:
2. Add recipients in the To and optionally to the Cc fields.
3. Fill out the email subject and the body.
4. Click Send.
Read more: