Migrating OAuth2 Credentials

This section provides information on how to migrate OAuth2 credentials from Server to Cloud.

1. On the Server interface, display the OAuth credentials you want to migrate as follows:

  1. Select OAuth2 Credentials under the SETTINGS section of the sidebar.

  2. Click the three dots next to the credential you want to migrate and select Edit.

2. In a separate browser tab, log in to the Cloud interface, go to OAuth2 Credentials under the OAUTH2 menu item of the Administration configuration tab, and click Add.

3. Copy and paste the content from the Edit OAuth2 Credentials panel on Server to the Add OAuth2 Credentials panel on Cloud. As shown in the image below, make sure to copy and paste the content of the following fields:

  • Name → Name

  • Service Provider → Service Provider

  • Client ID → Client ID

  • Client Secret → Client secret

  • Authorization Endpoint → Authorization endpoint

  • Token Endpoint → Token endpoint

  • Callback URL → Redirect URI (note that the Redirect URI in Cloud instances is always https://jeti.addon.meta-inf.hu/admin/oauth2/callback)

4. Save your settings.

5. Repeat this step for all credentials you want to migrate.

Your OAuth2 credentials have been successfully migrated.

For more information, see:

Server documentation: OAuth2 Client Credentials

Cloud documentation: OAuth2 Credentials

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