Integrity Check

The Integrity Check page allows Jira administrators to check if the Email This Issue Addon User is properly configured for the seamless emailing experience. The Integrity Check page can be accessed from Jira Administration / Addons, in the Email This Issue section of the left side navigation bar.

The Addon User

The Atlassian Connect Platform mandates that any Cloud Addons (hence Email This Issue as well) access all data in the host application (Jira) on behalf of a dedicated addon user.

Email This Issue's addon user is called: Email This Issue (addon_com.metainf.jira.plugin.emailissue)

The addon user is automatically created with default permissions when you installed the addon. However, Administrators are able to change the addon user's permissions and capabilities.

Because of this, Email This Issue's addon user must have access to all the issues that it needs to send in emails.

Permissions Required

Email This Issue for Jira Cloud is all about providing an effective email experience (outbound and soon inbound) within Jira Cloud. In order to keep it fully functional, the addon user must be granted the following permissions:

  • Browse Projects in all projects: this is needed to access the issues and related data (e.g comments)

  • Add Comments in all projects: this is needed to add comments when emails are sent.

  • Browse Users Global Permission: this is needed to be able to send emails to individual users and user groups.

Missing Browse Users Global Permission

If this permission is not granted to the Addon User, Jira administrators and end users in the Manual Email Screen will see a friendly message.

Permission Check

Administrators may check the Addon User's permissions using the Permission Check button. The permission investigates all projects and reveal any missing permissions.

Permission Check Results if all permissions are granted

Permission Check results if some permissions are missing

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