Incoming Mail Queue

This page is intended to explain the functionalities of Email This Issue's Incoming Mail queue.

General Information

In order to monitor your incoming mail traffic, the Incoming Mail Queue should be used in Email This Issue administration. The Incoming Mail queue shows all active and skipped emails processed by our app as well as the ones currently being processed and the ones that failed to be processed.

To switch between the queues click on the respective tabs.

The Incoming Mail queue is not aimed to provide you with information about WHY an email failed/succeeded to be processed or why has it been skipped. It is here for you to monitor the processing of incoming emails. For the logs, please see the Incoming Mail Log section of our documentation.

Queue details

There are five queues in Email This Issue and they all serve a different purpose.

  • the Active queue shows the incoming mail items queued for mail handler processing. At this point, your email has been received by our app and is queued for processing but its not being processed yet.

  • the Processing queue shows the mail items that are currently under processing by one of your mail handlers. It is mostly empty due to the processing speed of our handlers.

  • the Succeeded queue shows all mail items that were successfully processed by our mail handlers:

Please be informed that after June 15th, 2021, the "Succeeded" queue only lists successfully processed emails from the past 90 days. "Skipped" and "Failed" queues are not affected. For more information, please click here.

  • the Error queue shows mail items that could not be processed by mail handlers:

Queue actions

Searching for an email

If you're looking for a particular mail item or would like to see only a certain amount of items/within a pre-set time range you can run a search within the mail queue:

In the Search section, you can carry out the following actions:

  • search for email participants, the subject of the email etc.

  • select the maximum amount of emails to show

  • set a time range for Processed/Received emails for

    • the last 7 days

    • the last 15 days

    • the last 30 days

    • the last 90 days

    • All time

When you press the Search button, the results will be listed on the bottom of the page and the below actions become available.

Deleting a queue item

This action removes the item from the queue. If you delete the item it will no longer be displayed in any of the queues and will not yield a result when searched for.

Re-queueing a queue item

This action attempts to re-process the incoming email. This could be useful if the email has been filtered by the handler but the filter has been since removed and the email needs to be processed.

Expanding a queue item

This action expands the email item and displays the email's source.

Additional actions

The following two additional actions are available in the Incoming Mail Queue and these should only be used with caution:

  • Delete search result: Permanently deletes all log items currently in search. Note that the deleted items will not be present in the Incoming Mail Log either if deleted.

  • Empty current queue: Permanently deletes all items in the current queue.

  • Collapse all details: collapses all expanded email items.

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