Release Notes

15/08/2023 - Major improvements and bugfixes

The 'Built-in evaluation SMTP' was deactivated from August 2023 onwards.
In case you were actively using this connection, please create a custom Outgoing Mail Connection as soon as possible, otherwise your emails won't be sent.
Already failed emails may be found in the error queue and can be re-sent after fixing the configuration.

What's new

The new Visual Mail Handler Editor

Check out the brand new visual mail handler editor. It is an intuitive, fast, and beautiful user interface on top of your existing and new mail handlers. Build your email processing logic via this visual interface and understand the rules at a glance. Switch back and forth between the classic and the new UI to feel the difference.

Support for Service Management Approvals in the Mail Handler

Approve or decline service requests via email. The new Approve and Decline actions in the mail handlers allow the designated approvers to make their decisions and respond via email. Approve or decline? Simply extract the decision from the email itself.

Other improvements


After a major release, get a grasp on the important changes in our new pop-up window.

What's fixed

  • Mail Handler's setting field with 'group0' value is fixed
  • Reply / Reply all feature is restored for outgoing emails
  • Improved querying and sorting of Audit Log items
  • Improved page load time for Manual Email Configurations screen
  • Resolved rare cases of stuck queue items due to an attachment link redirection issue
  • Minor security fixes

03/07/2023 - Major Improvements and bugfixes

What's new

  • Extended features in Cloud Mail Handler:
    • New Conditions for conditional processing
      • Sender is member of group
      • Sender is member of project role
      • Issue matches query
      • Email sender is unknow
      • Header in Email Content condition
    • New filters
      • Filter out emails sent by unknown senders
      • Filter out email by content
  • Option for overriding from address in Email Notifications (instead of the preset one in Outgoing Mail Connection)
  • Adapt to Jira's changes in attachment and thumbnail handling

What's fixed

  • Fixed Add comment visibility error in Mail Handler UI
  • Fixed word break for Audit Log entry headers
  • Fixed UI for Host field in Outgoing and Incoming Mail Connection

17/05/2023 - Major Improvements and bugfixes

What's new

Extended features in Cloud Mail Handler:
  • set value from email for the following field types
    • multi-select list custom fields
    • Summary
    • Description
    • Due date
    • cascade custom fields
    • date/time custom fields
    • Labels (for work management and software projects only)
  • set fields with value expressions
  • default value for setting fields.
  • Improved search when enabling Incoming Mail Connections.
  • Support for custom hostnames used with Microsoft OAuth.

What's fixed

  • security fixes
  • fixed "show all" link in Email Audit Log

28/03/2023 - Major Improvements

What's new
  • Extended features in Cloud mail handler:
    • set value from email header
    • set manual value
    • set single-select value (radio button, dropdown)
What's fixed
  • Fixed initialization of fields during create issue action
  • Organizations field is now rendered in templates

17/02/2023 - Bugfix

What's fixed
  • Fixed sorting of scope-aware entities

02/02/2023 - EU production and bugfixes

What's new
  • Our EU cloud hosting infrastructure is live, Data Residency in the EU is now avaliable
What's fixed
  • Fixed the issue with inline image attachment size
  • The recipient restrictions will now accept user groups
  • Various other minor bugfixes

09/11/2022 - Major Improvements

What's new
  • Manual Email - Visual accessibility improvements, support for zooming in.
  • Warning dialog about estimated number of emails that are to be processed upon enabling Incoming Mail Connections.
What's fixed
  • Improvements in Jira Event Handling processing for Notification Emails
  • Deleted projects won't cause issues while loading Email Handler's Rules and Actions tab.
  • Inline attachments can be correctly added to comments by customers.
  • Issue creation from emails is possible when description field is hidden on the customer portal.
  • Removed Integrity Check from the UI.

03/10/2022 - Automatic cloud migration

What's new
What's fixed
  • Enhanced the events handling coming from the Jira

04/08/2022 - Major improvements

What's new
  • Shared Mailbox Support is now available for Microsoft Outlook
  • Improvements made for comments added by the default reporter
  • Display attachment thumbnails in comments added by the default reporter
What's fixed
  • Users were not recognised when multiple emails were sent in under 1 minute and customer creation was active - this is now fixed
  • Issue type and Status multiplication issue fixed
  • If email's subject or body contains NULL character processing fails - fixed
  • Template subject is now correct when template are choosen from the list
  • Inlined images no longer missing from the Email Log
  • Add comments action now works without a Request Type
  • POP3 can delete emails again depending on mail server settings
  • Webhooks are now working properly with MS Teams and logging is extended

02/05/2022 - Major improvements

What's new
What's fixed
  • Increased robustness of our alerting system (webhooks).
  • Improved logging and user feedback on errors during OAuth2 authorization process.
  • Tokens and other secrets (client credentials, webhooks) appear masked while editing an existing configuration.
  • Solved attaching issues with inlined images and logos.
  • Enhanced the resilience of our database for storing text inputs.
  • Date type fields in templates are rendered correctly again.

08/02/2022 - Major new features

What's new
What's fixed
  • Filtered-out emails shall be marked as read
  • txt attachments filling the description
  • Other security fixes

05/01/2022 - Bugfixes

  • NullPointerException in custom field rendering

22/12/2021 - Bugfixes

  • Could not save Microsoft365 refresh token due to insufficient database field length
  • Error when opening Mail handler
  • One email stops processing
  • Security improvements

09/11/2021 - Bugfixes

New Features
  • Allow saving participants' name using Set issue field actions
  • special characters escaped in user picker
  • Reply all - to recipients are missing
  • Ability to create issues if mail body is empty and the Description field is required

18/08/2021 - Major new features

What's new
  • Receive alerts if outgoing/incoming email connections or your mail handlers fail to work (documentation) - read our official announcement
  • Outgoing Email status visible in Email Audit Log (documentation)
  • Outgoing Connection improvements: new UI, default outgoing connection (documentation)
  • Support for multiline text custom fields as a recipient
  • Filter out attachments added via internal comments from Notifications and Post functions (documentation)
What's fixed
  • Handle multi-line subjects in incoming emails
  • Mail handler cannot comment on subtask in JSM issues

01/07/2021 - Bugfixes

  • "Added in last operation" missing from Attachments dropdown in post functions
  • "Attachments added with the last operation" does not work in notifications.
  • Special character encoding problems in recipient selectors
  • HTML escaping in outgoing emails
  • Minor XSS security problem fixed

27/05/2021 - Notification about cleaning Incoming Mail Queue

  • Add notification message to Incoming Mail Queue

17/05/2021 - Minor fixes and a security improvement

  • JQL filter in Mail Handler now accepts $!group variables

20/04/2021 - Major enhancement in Mail Handlers

New Features
  • Override issue lookup in Mail Handler by regex on email fields and JQL
  • Client Credentials reworked using AtlasKit UI framework by Atlassian
  • Add comments and attachments to Service Management Requests in the mail handler
  • Attachment policy "Added in the last operation" not working in post-functions

04/Mar/2021 - Minor bugfix

New Features
  • [JETIC-1356] - Mail Handler action: create customer is not providing a full lookup of all the SD Projects in JIRA SD Cloud
  • [JETIC-1358] - Workflow post functions list shows error
  • [JETIC-1363] - Deleting canned response provokes an exception
  • [JETIC-1425] - sender thread limit exceeded on MS
  • [JETIC-1469] - Misleading error message when host is invalid
  • [JETIC-1496] - Cannot refresh OAuth token in SMTP servers

26/Jan/2021 - Automatically fill username for Google oauth, Reply/Forward support

New Features
  • [JETIC-479] - Reply/Reply all/Forward this email from the issue's Emails tab
  • [JETIC-907] - Disable failing mail accounts after X failed fetching attempts
  • [JETIC-989] - Reply template
  • [JETIC-1252] - Retrieve the user name for OAuth2 using Google REST API
  • [JETIC-1406] - Escape html in Notification Event BODY
  • [JETIC-1368] - Increase timeouts in outgoing server

18/Nov/2020 - o365 support

New features

06/Aug/2020 - isAgent support in templates, Customizable reply-to address, Limit connection testing, Improved Post Function listing

New features
  • [JETIC-947] - Is Agent support in templates
  • [JETIC-1055] - Add warning in mail handler log if an agent and customer exists with same email address
  • [JETIC-1084] - Allow configuring custom Reply-To address
  • [JETIC-1135] - Limit connection testing in IMAP/SMTP accounts
  • [JETIC-1127] - Workflow Post Functions listing improvements
  • [JETIC-1131] - Update issue from mail action fails if not executed as admin or project admin
  • [JETIC-1146] - WPF shows error after deletion
  • [JETIC-1280] - XSS vulnerability in Mail Handler Configurations
  • [JETIC-1289] - Active Queue - stuck up emails

22/Jun/2020 - Better handling incorrect HTML emails and special HTML characters

  • [JETIC-1247] - Emails with incorrect HTML structure can not be opened in Email Tab
  • [JETIC-1270] - Special HTML characters from summary are encoded incorrectly in template body

10/Jun/2020 - New String utils in templates, bugfixes

  • [JETIC-1211] - HTML characters from Custom field in Subject are encoded incorrectly
  • [JETIC-1212] - Image thumbnails were missing in sent emails
  • [JETIC-1222] - Cannot save Mail Handlers with lot of actions
  • [JETIC-1236] - Recipients were missing when sent email was added as Jira comment
New features
  • [JETIC-1244] - New StringUtils helper in templates

22/May/2020 - Google OAuth2 Support, Improved compatibility with iOS

New features
  • [JETIC-973] - Filtering in incoming and outgoing queues
  • [JETIC-1053] - OAuth2 support for SMTP/IMAP in GMail/GSuite
  • [JETIC-1087] - Correctly parse inline and attachment parts sent from JETIC, GMail, Outlook, Apple
  • [JETIC-1062] - Images added using "new Jira issue screen" are missing in the manual email screen
  • [JETIC-1208] - Outgoing Queue issue link does not work in new UI

30/Apr/2020 - Duplicate attachment handling and fixed Configuration window did not appear

New features
  • [JETIC-1086] - Ignore duplicated attachments by content

26/Apr/2020 - Character encoding fixing and security fixes

  • [JETIC-1188] - Wrongly encoded accented characters
  • If HTML encoding problems are encountered in outgoing emails, please refer to our KB article

31/Mar/2020 - Fixing mail handler update/attachment problems when executing as customers and long JSD comments

  • [JETIC-1149] - Mail handler can not access requests when executed as customer
  • [JETIC-1150] - Outgoing Event notification, Workflow PF emails disappear when it should go to Error Queue
  • [JETIC-1151] - JSD comments longer than 32767 are not accepted by Jira in rare cases

26/Mar/2020 - Fixing Workflow post function and JSD request creation attachment issues

  • [JETIC-1147] - Mail Handler Failing when adding attachment at request creation
  • [JETIC-1148] - Added Recently in Workflow Post Function is Sending all Attachments Instead

23/Mar/2020 - Improved transition handling, Wait for attachments when issue created

  • [JETIC-1072] - Wait for attachments in Create event notifications
  • [JETIC-1093] - Execute transition fetching on behalf of the current user when executing transitions
  • [JETIC-1101] - Fallback to default reporter when issue not found or no permission

18/Mar/2020 - bugfixes

  • [JETIC-1111] - Embedded images of incoming emails are not displayed in email audit log
  • [JETIC-1116] - Hidden characters in filenames causes rejection when adding to Jira

11/Mar/2020 - Fix for missing notification / post function emails for newly created customers

  • [JETIC-1089] - Customer gets created but notification/post function generated email is not received by the new customer

10/Feb/2020 - Minor bugfixes in Email Tab in issue screen and improvements for special character handling in attachment filenames

  • [JETIC-1078] - Some HTML emails fails to render in the Emails Tab
  • [JETIC-1085] - Can't open user profiles from email list in issue screen
  • [JETIC-1067] - Can not add attachments when unallowed characters are in the filename in JSD

23/Jan/2020 - Custom field and special recipients were missing in workflow post functions

  • [JETIC-1079] - Custom field and special recipients were missing in workflow post functions

20/Jan/2020 - Merged recipient input, Find issues by email headers, Fallback to default reporter, suppress issue created notification

New features
  • [JETIC-613] - Merge recipient address input boxes
  • [JETIC-974] - Find issues by email headers (References/In-Reply-To) in Mail Handlers
  • [JETIC-983] - Fallback to default reporter in Mail Handlers
  • [JETIC-993] - Suppress Issue/request created notification
  • [JETIC-1052] - Suppress notification when attachment is added via JSD comment
  • [JETIC-1054] - Reverse ordering by default in incoming and outgoing queues

09/Dec/2019 - Baseurl is inserted before mailto


05/Dec/2019 - Issues with sending email and xml entities in outgoing email are fixed

  • [JETIC-1032] - Cannot send mail: No recipients
  • [JETIC-1033] - Receiving Error Message in sending email
  • [JETIC-1037] - isServiceDeskAttachmentUrl throws NPE
  • [JETIC-1038] - NullPointerExceptionwhen sending email
  • [JETIC-1039] - xml entities in outgoing email

02/Dec/2019 - Process issue commented events if comment was added by JETI, Filter incoming emails by sender's email address, Configurable attachment embedding, Configure adding Bulk and Auto-Submit Headers, empty error and incoming queues,

New features
  • [JETIC-466] - Adding Bulk email header is configurable
  • [JETIC-589] - Queues can be emptied by administrators
  • [JETIC-790] - Process issue commented event if comment was added by Email This Issue
  • [JETIC-902] - Recipient Restrictions - Regexp filtering for Project Roles / Groups / Custom fields
  • [JETIC-909] - Configurable file and image embedding in "Advanced Email Configuration"
  • [JETIC-934] - Delete entries from Incoming Mail Queue
  • [JETIC-937] - Incoming global black and whitelisting email adresses
  • [JETIC-944] - Clean Outgoing error queue
  • [JETIC-941] - Improve Comment Rendering - Render Comments in Reverse Order
  • [JETIC-996] - Increase time window from 1 sec to 1 min for "Recently added attachments"
  • [JETIC-688] - Can't manually add email addresses with only one character leading the @-sign
  • [JETIC-898] - Emails without recipients are lost
  • [JETIC-958] - Images are missing from right sidebar in Manual Email
  • [JETIC-977] - Unable to execute a transition
  • [JETIC-994] - Incoming mail rule "IF To/cc addresses" doesn't work
  • [JETIC-1007] - Cannot execute Add to Request participants with Create Customer
  • [JETIC-1011] - Copy-pasted images are missing from manually sent emails in SD
  • [JETIC-1013] - Apostrophes from sent emails are encoded incorrectly

01/Oct/2019 - Filter attachments by regexp for filename, Add TO/CC/BCC to Request Participants, improved audit log search

New features
  • [JETIC-927] - Filter attachments by regexp for filename
  • [JETIC-939] - Modify "Add sender to request participants" to enable parsing TO/CC/BCC/From the incoming mail
  • [JETIC-791] - Extend audit log search to recipients

01/Sep/2019 - Fixed editing Mail Handler error when more than 100 Request Types exist in the instance

  • [JETIC-952] - Cannot add or edit Mail handler (more than 100 request types in Jira)

15/Aug/2019 - image embedding customization, Mail Mandler as trigger in Advanced Email Configuration, improved request and issue type selectors on Create Issue Action

New features
  • JETIC-908 - Do not embed image if "data-embed" attribute tells it in the img tag
  • JETIC-910 - Use "Mail handler" as trigger in Advanced Email Configuration
  • JETIC-662 - Filter request types based on the selected project
  • JETIC-912 - filter issue types based on selected project
  • JETIC-926 - Improve set field value action logging
  • JETIC-915 - Both "Email" and "Email This Issue" options appear in the issue action (3-dots - more options button) menu on the new view issue screen
  • JETIC-930 - "Delete all in search" button doesn't work
  • JETIC-899 - Update "Request participants" field not working

12/Jul/2019 - No recipients could be resolved

  • JETIC-928 - No recipients could be resolved
  • JETIC-929 - Sender user not found in Mail Handler

09/Jul/2019 - Stop fetching emails with starttls fixed

  • JETIC-905 - stop fetching emails with starttls

24/Jun/2019 - Configurable mail filters, Mail handler improvements

New features
  • JETIC-404 - Configurable bulk, loop and DSN filters in mail handlers
  • JETIC-471 - Configurable mail filters
  • JETIC-735 - Add logs for Mail Accounts without Mail Handlers
  • JETIC-662 - Filter request types based on the selected project
  • JETIC-677 - Improve SetFieldValue action to find in text
  • JETIC-739 - Skip mail accounts without mail handler
  • JETIC-740 - For very big mail boxes download emails in chunks
  • JETIC-788 - mails are fetched if a mail account is deleted
  • JETIC-906 - Users no long shown in the email tab of tickets

03/Jun/2019 - fixed stops fetching emails for some accounts, improved log add comment failure

JETIC-793 - Mail account stops fetching emails
JETIC-894 - Outgoing mail queue tab returns "Error. Can not open page! Please try again by using reload in your browser!"
JETIC-885 - error log: reason: null

12/Feb/2019 - Improved mail handler logging, fixed outgoing queue display

JETIC-773 - Improve logging when cannot extract recipients
JETIC-775 - Error: mailItem.getIssueSummary mailItem.getIssueKey)

06/Feb/2019 - Adapted Get my permissions API changes

JETIC-684 - Get my permissions resource will require a permissions query parameter

05/Feb/2019 - Improved error reporting

JETIC-765 - Customize NotFound error page

16/Jan/2019 - Not fetching mails for new Accounts

JETIC-735 - Add logs for Mail Accounts without Mail Handlers
JETIC-739 - Skip mail accounts without mail handler
JETIC-740 - For very big mail boxes download emails in chunks

10/Jan/2019 - Not fetching mails for new Accounts

JETIC-736 - Not fetching mails for new Accounts

09/Jan/2019 - DB performance improvements, Mail Account deletion issue

JETIC-714 - JETIC db performance
JETIC-731 - Cannot delete Mail Account
JETIC-726 - remove customer notification about ip change

21/Dec/2018 - non-ascii character support for attachments, Mail Account last fetch info

JETIC-720 - Attachments with non-ascii characters are not added to the request
New features
JETIC-718 - Display Mail Accuont last fetch info

11/Dec/2018 - New outgoing outgoing IP address is coming, Mail Handler stopped working

JETIC-674 - Mail Handler stop processing emails in rare cases
JETIC-702 - Notify Customers about upcoming IP change, see more: Cannot send through custom SMTP server, firewall blocks the add-on's IP

22/Nov/2018 - Bugfix: Non-latin character handling, fixed regex processing in html mails

JETIC-665 - Help goes to Not Permitted
JETIC-666 - Attachments with non latin characters in filename were not sent
JETIC-674 - Mail Handler stop processing emails in rare cases
JETIC-675 - Non latin characters from custom field not parsed properly in email Subject
JETIC-687 - Can not extract email address from mail body using regex

24/Oct/2018 - Bugfix: cannot add external addresses to text custom field

JETIC-655 - Cant add external addresses to text custom field

16/Oct/2018 - Bugfix: cannot create ticket as simple user

JETIC-663 - Cannot create ticket if user does not have modify reporter permission
JETIC-664 - Customer notified when creates an issue with attachment

09/Oct/2018 - Improved SD attachment handling and custom field support

JETIC-594 - Set field value should be only available under Create or Update issue
JETIC-599 - line breaks are removed in plain text emails
JETIC-612 - Mail-Handler // Incorrect email extraction (Wrong: Text-format; Correct: HTML-format)
JETIC-646 - Error when storing recipients during send
JETIC-653 - CommentVisibility "all" not working
JETIC-654 - Internal comments are handled as public for invalid requests (without request type)
JETIC-656 - Safari 12 dialog does not work on sending manual email
JETIC-658 - Emails tab not working for users with + sign in username
JETIC-645 - Epic is loaded only in case of SW projects
JETIC-502 - Improve Service Desk attachment handling
JETIC-641 - Set field with built-in fields (reporter, assignee)

31/Aug/2018 - Attachment upload timeout

JETIC-652 - Attachment upload fails with timeout

28/Aug/2018 - Attachments without extension, changelog filter fix

JETIC-648 - attachment without extension cause processing error
JETIC-649 - changelog filter ignored
New Features
JETIC-390 - Add Service Desk link to portal from the mail templates
JETIC-493 - Add option to restrict comments added by mail handlers
JETIC-529 - Set Field Value
JETIC-544 - Add source trigger type to mail templates
JETIC-568 - Add Sender to Request participants Action
JETIC-345 - Display From Address in email preview
JETIC-475 - Convert inline (BASE64) images to real attachments in manually sent emails
JETIC-539 - Add image attachment inline when manually sending issue
JETIC-560 - Recognize attachments
JETIC-609 - incoming log query optimization
JETIC-506 - Include own changes works incorrectly
JETIC-509 - Add comment throws NPE if no issue found
JETIC-537 - Copy-pasted images are not shown
JETIC-541 - image names are duplicated
JETIC-529 - Set Field Value
JETIC-559 - worklog event ignored
JETIC-596 - Loading audit logs takes much time
JETIC-598 - CreateCustomerAction fails with invalid property

17/06/2018 - Performance improvements

Various performance improvements
JETIC-542 - Enable browser's built-in spell checker in manual email page

05/04/2018 - Create JSD customer, check sender permission, fix notifications on custom fields, remove default reporter

New Features
JETIC-472 - Add "Create JSD customer" action to mailhandlers
JETIC-498 - Add condition for checking if sender has access to the issue
JETIC-500 - Not possible to remove default reporter in mail handlers
JETIC-534 - Show detailed SMTP log while testing an unauthorized connection
JETIC-533 - Increase default SMTP timeout (better Office 365 compatibility)
JETIC-497 - Exception when manually sending an issue with anonymous comments
JETIC-525 - No notifications sent when filtering events for custom fields

08/03/2018 - Fixed logging issue