Release Notes

17/02/2023 - Bugfix

What's fixed
  • Fixed sorting of scope-aware entities

02/02/2023 - EU production and bugfixes

What's new
  • Our EU cloud hosting infrastructure is live, Data Residency in the EU is now avaliable
What's fixed
  • Fixed the issue with inline image attachment size
  • The recipient restrictions will now accept user groups
  • Various other minor bugfixes

03/10/2022 - Automatic cloud migration

What's new
What's fixed
  • Enhanced the events handling coming from the Jira

04/08/2022 - Major improvements

What's new
  • Shared Mailbox Support is now available for Microsoft Outlook
  • Improvements made for comments added by the default reporter
  • Display attachment thumbnails in comments added by the default reporter
What's fixed
  • Users were not recognised when multiple emails were sent in under 1 minute and customer creation was active - this is now fixed
  • Issue type and Status multiplication issue fixed
  • If email's subject or body contains NULL character processing fails - fixed
  • Template subject is now correct when template are choosen from the list
  • Inlined images no longer missing from the Email Log
  • Add comments action now works without a Request Type
  • POP3 can delete emails again depending on mail server settings
  • Webhooks are now working properly with MS Teams and logging is extended

02/05/2022 - Major improvements

What's new
What's fixed
  • Increased robustness of our alerting system (webhooks).
  • Improved logging and user feedback on errors during OAuth2 authorization process.
  • Tokens and other secrets (client credentials, webhooks) appear masked while editing an existing configuration.
  • Solved attaching issues with inlined images and logos.
  • Enhanced the resilience of our database for storing text inputs.
  • Date type fields in templates are rendered correctly again.

08/02/2022 - Major new features

What's new
What's fixed
  • Filtered-out emails shall be marked as read
  • txt attachments filling the description
  • Other security fixes

05/01/2022 - Bugfixes

  • NullPointerException in custom field rendering

22/12/2021 - Bugfixes

  • Could not save Microsoft365 refresh token due to insufficient database field length
  • Error when opening Mail handler
  • One email stops processing
  • Security improvements

09/11/2021 - Bugfixes

New Features
  • Allow saving participants' name using Set issue field actions
  • special characters escaped in user picker
  • Reply all - to recipients are missing
  • Ability to create issues if mail body is empty and the Description field is required

18/08/2021 - Major new features

What's new
  • Receive alerts if outgoing/incoming email connections or your mail handlers fail to work (documentation) - read our official announcement
  • Outgoing Email status visible in Email Audit Log (documentation)
  • Outgoing Connection improvements: new UI, default outgoing connection (documentation)
  • Support for multiline text custom fields as a recipient
  • Filter out attachments added via internal comments from Notifications and Post functions (documentation)
What's fixed
  • Handle multi-line subjects in incoming emails
  • Mail handler cannot comment on subtask in JSM issues

01/07/2021 - Bugfixes

  • "Added in last operation" missing from Attachments dropdown in post functions
  • "Attachments added with the last operation" does not work in notifications.
  • Special character encoding problems in recipient selectors
  • HTML escaping in outgoing emails
  • Minor XSS security problem fixed

27/05/2021 - Notification about cleaning Incoming Mail Queue

  • Add notification message to Incoming Mail Queue

17/05/2021 - Minor fixes and a security improvement

  • JQL filter in Mail Handler now accepts $!group variables

20/04/2021 - Major enhancement in Mail Handlers

New Features
  • Override issue lookup in Mail Handler by regex on email fields and JQL
  • Client Credentials reworked using AtlasKit UI framework by Atlassian
  • Add comments and attachments to Service Management Requests in the mail handler
  • Attachment policy "Added in the last operation" not working in post-functions

04/Mar/2021 - Minor bugfix

New Features
  • [JETIC-1356] - Mail Handler action: create customer is not providing a full lookup of all the SD Projects in JIRA SD Cloud
  • [JETIC-1358] - Workflow post functions list shows error
  • [JETIC-1363] - Deleting canned response provokes an exception
  • [JETIC-1425] - sender thread limit exceeded on MS
  • [JETIC-1469] - Misleading error message when host is invalid
  • [JETIC-1496] - Cannot refresh OAuth token in SMTP servers

26/Jan/2021 - Automatically fill username for Google oauth, Reply/Forward support

New Features
  • [JETIC-479] - Reply/Reply all/Forward this email from the issue's Emails tab
  • [JETIC-907] - Disable failing mail accounts after X failed fetching attempts
  • [JETIC-989] - Reply template
  • [JETIC-1252] - Retrieve the user name for OAuth2 using Google REST API
  • [JETIC-1406] - Escape html in Notification Event BODY
  • [JETIC-1368] - Increase timeouts in outgoing server

18/Nov/2020 - o365 support

New features

06/Aug/2020 - isAgent support in templates, Customizable reply-to address, Limit connection testing, Improved Post Function listing

New features
  • [JETIC-947] - Is Agent support in templates
  • [JETIC-1055] - Add warning in mail handler log if an agent and customer exists with same email address
  • [JETIC-1084] - Allow configuring custom Reply-To address
  • [JETIC-1135] - Limit connection testing in IMAP/SMTP accounts
  • [JETIC-1127] - Workflow Post Functions listing improvements
  • [JETIC-1131] - Update issue from mail action fails if not executed as admin or project admin
  • [JETIC-1146] - WPF shows error after deletion
  • [JETIC-1280] - XSS vulnerability in Mail Handler Configurations
  • [JETIC-1289] - Active Queue - stuck up emails

22/Jun/2020 - Better handling incorrect HTML emails and special HTML characters

  • [JETIC-1247] - Emails with incorrect HTML structure can not be opened in Email Tab
  • [JETIC-1270] - Special HTML characters from summary are encoded incorrectly in template body

10/Jun/2020 - New String utils in templates, bugfixes

  • [JETIC-1211] - HTML characters from Custom field in Subject are encoded incorrectly
  • [JETIC-1212] - Image thumbnails were missing in sent emails
  • [JETIC-1222] - Cannot save Mail Handlers with lot of actions
  • [JETIC-1236] - Recipients were missing when sent email was added as Jira comment
New features
  • [JETIC-1244] - New StringUtils helper in templates

22/May/2020 - Google OAuth2 Support, Improved compatibility with iOS

New features
  • [JETIC-973] - Filtering in incoming and outgoing queues
  • [JETIC-1053] - OAuth2 support for SMTP/IMAP in GMail/GSuite
  • [JETIC-1087] - Correctly parse inline and attachment parts sent from JETIC, GMail, Outlook, Apple
  • [JETIC-1062] - Images added using "new Jira issue screen" are missing in the manual email screen
  • [JETIC-1208] - Outgoing Queue issue link does not work in new UI

30/Apr/2020 - Duplicate attachment handling and fixed Configuration window did not appear

New features
  • [JETIC-1086] - Ignore duplicated attachments by content

26/Apr/2020 - Character encoding fixing and security fixes

  • [JETIC-1188] - Wrongly encoded accented characters
  • If HTML encoding problems are encountered in outgoing emails, please refer to our KB article

31/Mar/2020 - Fixing mail handler update/attachment problems when executing as customers and long JSD comments

  • [JETIC-1149] - Mail handler can not access requests when executed as customer
  • [JETIC-1150] - Outgoing Event notification, Workflow PF emails disappear when it should go to Error Queue
  • [JETIC-1151] - JSD comments longer than 32767 are not accepted by Jira in rare cases

26/Mar/2020 - Fixing Workflow post function and JSD request creation attachment issues

  • [JETIC-1147] - Mail Handler Failing when adding attachment at request creation
  • [JETIC-1148] - Added Recently in Workflow Post Function is Sending all Attachments Instead

23/Mar/2020 - Improved transition handling, Wait for attachments when issue created

  • [JETIC-1072] - Wait for attachments in Create event notifications
  • [JETIC-1093] - Execute transition fetching on behalf of the current user when executing transitions
  • [JETIC-1101] - Fallback to default reporter when issue not found or no permission

18/Mar/2020 - bugfixes

  • [JETIC-1111] - Embedded images of incoming emails are not displayed in email audit log
  • [JETIC-1116] - Hidden characters in filenames causes rejection when adding to Jira

11/Mar/2020 - Fix for missing notification / post function emails for newly created customers

  • [JETIC-1089] - Customer gets created but notification/post function generated email is not received by the new customer

10/Feb/2020 - Minor bugfixes in Email Tab in issue screen and improvements for special character handling in attachment filenames

  • [JETIC-1078] - Some HTML emails fails to render in the Emails Tab
  • [JETIC-1085] - Can't open user profiles from email list in issue screen
  • [JETIC-1067] - Can not add attachments when unallowed characters are in the filename in JSD

23/Jan/2020 - Custom field and special recipients were missing in workflow post functions

  • [JETIC-1079] - Custom field and special recipients were missing in workflow post functions

20/Jan/2020 - Merged recipient input, Find issues by email headers, Fallback to default reporter, suppress issue created notification

New features
  • [JETIC-613] - Merge recipient address input boxes
  • [JETIC-974] - Find issues by email headers (References/In-Reply-To) in Mail Handlers
  • [JETIC-983] - Fallback to default reporter in Mail Handlers
  • [JETIC-993] - Suppress Issue/request created notification
  • [JETIC-1052] - Suppress notification when attachment is added via JSD comment
  • [JETIC-1054] - Reverse ordering by default in incoming and outgoing queues

09/Dec/2019 - Baseurl is inserted before mailto


05/Dec/2019 - Issues with sending email and xml entities in outgoing email are fixed

  • [JETIC-1032] - Cannot send mail: No recipients
  • [JETIC-1033] - Receiving Error Message in sending email
  • [JETIC-1037] - isServiceDeskAttachmentUrl throws NPE
  • [JETIC-1038] - NullPointerExceptionwhen sending email
  • [JETIC-1039] - xml entities in outgoing email

02/Dec/2019 - Process issue commented events if comment was added by JETI, Filter incoming emails by sender's email address, Configurable attachment embedding, Configure adding Bulk and Auto-Submit Headers, empty error and incoming queues,

New features
  • [JETIC-466] - Adding Bulk email header is configurable
  • [JETIC-589] - Queues can be emptied by administrators
  • [JETIC-790] - Process issue commented event if comment was added by Email This Issue
  • [JETIC-902] - Recipient Restrictions - Regexp filtering for Project Roles / Groups / Custom fields
  • [JETIC-909] - Configurable file and image embedding in "Advanced Email Configuration"
  • [JETIC-934] - Delete entries from Incoming Mail Queue
  • [JETIC-937] - Incoming global black and whitelisting email adresses
  • [JETIC-944] - Clean Outgoing error queue
  • [JETIC-941] - Improve Comment Rendering - Render Comments in Reverse Order
  • [JETIC-996] - Increase time window from 1 sec to 1 min for "Recently added attachments"
  • [JETIC-688] - Can't manually add email addresses with only one character leading the @-sign
  • [JETIC-898] - Emails without recipients are lost
  • [JETIC-958] - Images are missing from right sidebar in Manual Email
  • [JETIC-977] - Unable to execute a transition
  • [JETIC-994] - Incoming mail rule "IF To/cc addresses" doesn't work
  • [JETIC-1007] - Cannot execute Add to Request participants with Create Customer
  • [JETIC-1011] - Copy-pasted images are missing from manually sent emails in SD
  • [JETIC-1013] - Apostrophes from sent emails are encoded incorrectly

01/Oct/2019 - Filter attachments by regexp for filename, Add TO/CC/BCC to Request Participants, improved audit log search

New features
  • [JETIC-927] - Filter attachments by regexp for filename
  • [JETIC-939] - Modify "Add sender to request participants" to enable parsing TO/CC/BCC/From the incoming mail
  • [JETIC-791] - Extend audit log search to recipients

01/Sep/2019 - Fixed editing Mail Handler error when more than 100 Request Types exist in the instance

  • [JETIC-952] - Cannot add or edit Mail handler (more than 100 request types in Jira)

15/Aug/2019 - image embedding customization, Mail Mandler as trigger in Advanced Email Configuration, improved request and issue type selectors on Create Issue Action

New features
  • JETIC-908 - Do not embed image if "data-embed" attribute tells it in the img tag
  • JETIC-910 - Use "Mail handler" as trigger in Advanced Email Configuration
  • JETIC-662 - Filter request types based on the selected project
  • JETIC-912 - filter issue types based on selected project
  • JETIC-926 - Improve set field value action logging
  • JETIC-915 - Both "Email" and "Email This Issue" options appear in the issue action (3-dots - more options button) menu on the new view issue screen
  • JETIC-930 - "Delete all in search" button doesn't work
  • JETIC-899 - Update "Request participants" field not working

12/Jul/2019 - No recipients could be resolved

  • JETIC-928 - No recipients could be resolved
  • JETIC-929 - Sender user not found in Mail Handler

09/Jul/2019 - Stop fetching emails with starttls fixed

  • JETIC-905 - stop fetching emails with starttls

24/Jun/2019 - Configurable mail filters, Mail handler improvements

New features
  • JETIC-404 - Configurable bulk, loop and DSN filters in mail handlers
  • JETIC-471 - Configurable mail filters
  • JETIC-735 - Add logs for Mail Accounts without Mail Handlers
  • JETIC-662 - Filter request types based on the selected project
  • JETIC-677 - Improve SetFieldValue action to find in text
  • JETIC-739 - Skip mail accounts without mail handler
  • JETIC-740 - For very big mail boxes download emails in chunks
  • JETIC-788 - mails are fetched if a mail account is deleted
  • JETIC-906 - Users no long shown in the email tab of tickets

03/Jun/2019 - fixed stops fetching emails for some accounts, improved log add comment failure

JETIC-793 - Mail account stops fetching emails
JETIC-894 - Outgoing mail queue tab returns "Error. Can not open page! Please try again by using reload in your browser!"
JETIC-885 - error log: reason: null

12/Feb/2019 - Improved mail handler logging, fixed outgoing queue display

JETIC-773 - Improve logging when cannot extract recipients
JETIC-775 - Error: mailItem.getIssueSummary mailItem.getIssueKey)

06/Feb/2019 - Adapted Get my permissions API changes

JETIC-684 - Get my permissions resource will require a permissions query parameter

05/Feb/2019 - Improved error reporting

JETIC-765 - Customize NotFound error page

16/Jan/2019 - Not fetching mails for new Accounts

JETIC-735 - Add logs for Mail Accounts without Mail Handlers
JETIC-739 - Skip mail accounts without mail handler
JETIC-740 - For very big mail boxes download emails in chunks

10/Jan/2019 - Not fetching mails for new Accounts

JETIC-736 - Not fetching mails for new Accounts

09/Jan/2019 - DB performance improvements, Mail Account deletion issue

JETIC-714 - JETIC db performance
JETIC-731 - Cannot delete Mail Account
JETIC-726 - remove customer notification about ip change

21/Dec/2018 - non-ascii character support for attachments, Mail Account last fetch info

JETIC-720 - Attachments with non-ascii characters are not added to the request
New features
JETIC-718 - Display Mail Accuont last fetch info

11/Dec/2018 - New outgoing outgoing IP address is coming, Mail Handler stopped working

JETIC-674 - Mail Handler stop processing emails in rare cases
JETIC-702 - Notify Customers about upcoming IP change, see more: Cannot send through custom SMTP server, firewall blocks the add-on's IP

22/Nov/2018 - Bugfix: Non-latin character handling, fixed regex processing in html mails

JETIC-665 - Help goes to Not Permitted
JETIC-666 - Attachments with non latin characters in filename were not sent
JETIC-674 - Mail Handler stop processing emails in rare cases
JETIC-675 - Non latin characters from custom field not parsed properly in email Subject
JETIC-687 - Can not extract email address from mail body using regex

24/Oct/2018 - Bugfix: cannot add external addresses to text custom field

JETIC-655 - Cant add external addresses to text custom field

16/Oct/2018 - Bugfix: cannot create ticket as simple user

JETIC-663 - Cannot create ticket if user does not have modify reporter permission
JETIC-664 - Customer notified when creates an issue with attachment

09/Oct/2018 - Improved SD attachment handling and custom field support

JETIC-594 - Set field value should be only available under Create or Update issue
JETIC-599 - line breaks are removed in plain text emails
JETIC-612 - Mail-Handler // Incorrect email extraction (Wrong: Text-format; Correct: HTML-format)
JETIC-646 - Error when storing recipients during send
JETIC-653 - CommentVisibility "all" not working
JETIC-654 - Internal comments are handled as public for invalid requests (without request type)
JETIC-656 - Safari 12 dialog does not work on sending manual email
JETIC-658 - Emails tab not working for users with + sign in username
JETIC-645 - Epic is loaded only in case of SW projects
JETIC-502 - Improve Service Desk attachment handling
JETIC-641 - Set field with built-in fields (reporter, assignee)

31/Aug/2018 - Attachment upload timeout

JETIC-652 - Attachment upload fails with timeout

28/Aug/2018 - Attachments without extension, changelog filter fix

JETIC-648 - attachment without extension cause processing error
JETIC-649 - changelog filter ignored
New Features
JETIC-390 - Add Service Desk link to portal from the mail templates
JETIC-493 - Add option to restrict comments added by mail handlers
JETIC-529 - Set Field Value
JETIC-544 - Add source trigger type to mail templates
JETIC-568 - Add Sender to Request participants Action
JETIC-345 - Display From Address in email preview
JETIC-475 - Convert inline (BASE64) images to real attachments in manually sent emails
JETIC-539 - Add image attachment inline when manually sending issue
JETIC-560 - Recognize attachments
JETIC-609 - incoming log query optimization
JETIC-506 - Include own changes works incorrectly
JETIC-509 - Add comment throws NPE if no issue found
JETIC-537 - Copy-pasted images are not shown
JETIC-541 - image names are duplicated
JETIC-529 - Set Field Value
JETIC-559 - worklog event ignored
JETIC-596 - Loading audit logs takes much time
JETIC-598 - CreateCustomerAction fails with invalid property

17/06/2018 - Performance improvements

Various performance improvements
JETIC-542 - Enable browser's built-in spell checker in manual email page

05/04/2018 - Create JSD customer, check sender permission, fix notifications on custom fields, remove default reporter

New Features
JETIC-472 - Add "Create JSD customer" action to mailhandlers
JETIC-498 - Add condition for checking if sender has access to the issue
JETIC-500 - Not possible to remove default reporter in mail handlers
JETIC-534 - Show detailed SMTP log while testing an unauthorized connection
JETIC-533 - Increase default SMTP timeout (better Office 365 compatibility)
JETIC-497 - Exception when manually sending an issue with anonymous comments
JETIC-525 - No notifications sent when filtering events for custom fields

08/03/2018 - Fixed logging issue

JETIC-511 - NullPointerException in Incoming log

24/02/2018 - Create Service Desk requests from mail handlers

New Features
JETIC-445 - "Create service desk request" action
JETIC-495 - Use external hostname as SMTP HELO

21/02/2018 - Service Desk public comment notification are not sent

JETIC-505 - Service Desk public comment notification are not sent

20/02/2018 - User Picker not working

JETIC-504 - User Picker not working

07/11/2017 - Flexible participant handling in mail handlers

New features
JETIC-450 Set or update field value action using From, To, CC or BCC addresses

22/10/2017 - Improved incoming attachment handling, internal SD comments for manual emails

New features
JETIC-489 Add option to restrict comments added by manually sent emails to Internal
JETIC-491 Allow to completely ignore attachment in Mail Handler actions
JETIC-488 Skip already added attachments in mail handlers

30/09/2017 - Fix for addon uninstall/disable issues

JETIC-486 Enabled/disabled/uninstalled events handled incorrectly

09/08/2017 - Split regexp and project keys with numbers

New features
JETIC-460 Split regexp support
JETIC-464 Recognize project keys containing digits
JETIC-462 Infinite loop if POP3 server does not support unique message identifiers

30/07/2017 - Service Desk public and internal comment events support, bugfixes

New features
JETIC-456 Add support for public/internal Service Desk comment events in Notification schemes
JETIC-458 Set Content-Type for attachments, based on filename extension
Fixed POP3 handling and improved performance when fetching emails from incoming mail accounts
JETIC-447 Incorrect encoding of no-ascii characters in outgoing attachments

17/06/2017 - Minor improvements and bugfixes

JETIC-448 Support timezone for date formatting in templates
JETIC-441 Due date is not rendered
JETIC-446 Send and Preview buttons do not work in manual email page for text templates
JETIC-449 Can not save new mail handlers

20/05/2017 - Bugfix release

JETIC-439 Users different from the one modified the issue do not receive notification emails
JETIC-438 Users with email-like usernames are not stored shown as users in recipients fields
JETIC-437 Can not use group picker custom field as recipient
JETIC-436 Can't delete or resend items from error queue
JETIC-431 <style> elements removed in templates
JETIC-430 Not possible to delete Set field actions
JETIC-412 Not all attached files are being sent in manual emails

02/05/2017 - Mail Handler

Email This Issue Mail Handlers for Jira Cloud has been released with features:
Auto reply senders using your own custom Email This Issue template
Save senders and recipients to custom text fields (set field value action)