Creating an issue

Use this action to create a new issue in a core/software project or to create a new request in a Jira Service Management project.

1. Set at least the Project and Issue type / Request type.

2. Split regexp can be used to keep only the first part of the body before a pattern that is specified in the regexp. Note that multiple regular expressions can be defined (each on a new line) and they must begin and end with a / sign, like: /Re:/

Important: During processing, before splitting the mail body by a regexp, the whole body is converted to Jira wiki format. The regexp is applied on the converted value after this process. For more information, see Using split regexp.

3. At Attachment handling, configure when you want to add the attachments to the issue. Choose from the following options:

  • Never add

  • Skip if attachment name matches any of the following regexes

  • Skip if attachment with the same name exists

  • Skip if attachment with the same name and size exists

  • Skip if attachment with the same hash exists

  • Always add

Note: Issue creation is also done in case the email arrives with an empty body. The description will be left empty, or will be filled with a placeholder, if the field is required on the issue.

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