Enabling OAuth2 Authorization in your Google Account

Enabling OAuth2 in your Google panel to authenticate Email This Issue allows you to send FROM your Google address using this application. The credentials created during this process can be used in any plugin that allows them.

  1. Log in to your Google account

  2. Visit the following link in your Google account:

  3. If the screen confirms that the API is enabled, navigate to the credentials screen.

  4. If it is your first time, you will have to navigate to the consent screen to register your app.

  5. A pop-up displays notifying you that you must first set up an OAuth consent screen. Click Set Up

    • Enter the application name (in this case, for example, “Email This Issue”)

    • Select a support email

    • Add meta-inf.hu to Authorized domains

    • Click on Save and Continue and navigate back to the Credentials page.

    • Go back to Credentials


    • Select OAuth Client ID

    • In the following dialog box do the following:

  • Select “Web Application” as “Application type”

  • Enter a name eg. Email This Issue

  • Add an Authorized redirect URI: which should be the one on this image https://jeti.addon.meta-inf.hu/admin/oauth2/callback

    • You can also find your URI in the Email This Issue addon on your Jira site

      • Apps - Email This Issue

        • Administration - OAuth2 credentials

          • Copy your redirect URI

  • Click “Create”

Note: The client secret is only blurred for data protection purposes in this example.

  1. Copy the following items to the required spaces:

  2. Click on Create and you are ready to create Incoming and Outgoing Connections using OAuth2 Credentials. Next steps: When you have finished these steps, create OAuth2 Credentials in Email This Issue to use them in Incoming Mail Accounts and SMTP Servers.

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